Translation of housewarming in Spanish:


(housewarming party)

Pronunciation ///ˈhaʊsˌwɔrmɪŋ/


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    fiesta de inauguración de una casa
    • An old friend who had purchased a small townhouse recently decided that he was now settled enough to hold a house-warming party and had invited my wife and myself.
    • And yet, what do people give me as house-warming gifts?
    • How long the dream castle will last I don't know - - the house-warming party will have to be quick.
    • So when is this house-warming party going to be?
    • These gardening machineries could serve well as wedding present or a house-warming gift for a gardening enthusiast.
    • But should they get the house, they will be faced with one enormous problem - they have promised every one who votes for them that they will be having a house-warming party.
    • One neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: ‘We had a house-warming party and he came along, we always got a Christmas card from him.’
    • We make the same mistakes when it comes to wedding gifts, birthday presents, anniversaries, house-warming gifts etc.
    • Well, hey, once you're done moving everything in maybe we should have a house-warming party for you or something.
    • And next time you're invited to a house-warming party, make sure to wear your tuxedo or sequined dress and look for a green baize table in the living room.
    • Then we drive off to a friend's house-warming party.
    • He had planned to throw a huge house-warming party for locals and Hollywood stars when the house was completed.
    • He gave me a gorgeous, black lacquer grand piano as a house-warming gift and for my wedding day he gave me a beautiful portrait of Billie Holiday.
    • You just don't go to a house-warming party - however improvised - empty-handed, so we decided to prepare a few nibbles to accompany the bottle of champagne we knew they'd open.
    • Last night I went to a house-warming party in Newham, just down the road from Upton Park.
    • Garden plants also make for much-appreciated house-warming gifts.
    • A house-warming gift voucher bought me two garden chairs for the kitchen until the proper ones arrive.
    • We wanted to host a barbeque at the end of June, a late house-warming sort of thing.
    • But a house-warming is just a house-warming, however good.
    • If either stumps up the cash, there could be the house-warming party of the decade.