Translation of housing in Spanish:


viviendas, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈhaʊzɪŋ//ˈhaʊzɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(dwellings)

      (feminine plural) viviendas
      before noun poor housing conditions viviendas inadecuadas
      • housing market mercado inmobiliario
      • housing shortage escasez de viviendas
      • South Woodham town councillors have again stated their opposition to plans to build affordable housing and retirement flats in the town
      • Our base assumption is that 25 per cent of the flats will be affordable housing.
      • It has increased substantially over the past year, but continues to offer some of the most affordable housing in the country.
      • The first phase of the largest development of homes under the affordable housing scheme in this country sold within the space of two weeks in May in Dublin.
      • In late 1999, the government announced that it intended to force builders to provide social and affordable housing units within their developments.
      • The book is being commissioned as part of a new Sligo County Council social and affordable housing scheme in Dromore West.
      • Provisos include making 20 per cent of residential properties on the development affordable housing.
      • She hated housing developments where every house was a clone of another.
      • We must embark seriously and rapidly on the road to environmentally sustainable energy consistent with the development of sustainable housing.
      • Another objective was in relation to the integration of social and affordable housing into all developments which take place.
      • The significance of this development is that it is the first site with a substantial number of houses under the affordable housing scheme.
      • The other runs a series of housing developments, building homes for the new middle class.
      • Development and social services, especially affordable housing, were also big concerns.
      • Thirty-three of the flats would be affordable housing.
      • The bureau was established in 1999 with the aim of providing small and affordable housing plans to people building houses.
      • These are kids who grew up in tenements, high rises, government housing or row houses.
      • The general view was that they wanted affordable housing, not flats, and I think they are entirely right.
      • Those with no hope of purchasing a home on the open market could avail of cheaper homes under social affordable housing schemes administered by the local authority.
      • The first group of 300 people has moved into their new homes in the Brickfields housing development in Newtown.
      • Our young people in particular need affordable housing and starter homes to save them having to leave their community and move elsewhere.

    • 1.2(provision of houses)

      the government's policy on housing la política del gobierno en cuanto al problema de la vivienda
      • the housing of refugees in these camps el alojamiento de refugiados en estos campamentos

  • 2

    • 2.1(cover)

      caja protectora feminine
      • Mr Greenhalgh went on: ‘Noise won't be a factor either because of state of the art noise damping equipment and acoustic housings we will install.
      • Among the main components of a gear-type pump for which aluminum may be used are the housing and end covers.
      • Transmitter and receiver are supplied fully enclosed in housings measuring 45 x 55 x 15 mm with connectors for external dipole antennas.
      • At one time the little robot had been covered with a steel housing.
      • As a result, the disk drive is still protected inside the computer housing and many users have never seen a disk drive in actual shape and form.
      • This makes it suitable for insertion into small housings, large instrumentation, or analytical equipment.
      • Intrusion-detection equipment has also been available in hidden housings.
      • When it's really coming down, don't use your SLR unless you have it protected by a waterproof device such as plastic-bag type housings.
      • Interconnecting components within an enclosed compartment extend through openings in the housings to provide electrical interconnections to the next compartment to be assembled.
      • These mirrors will be arranged in 16 housings each containing 15 nested shells ranging from 50 to 94 mm in diameter.
      • Head and legroom levels are class leading while the generous interior width and an absence of protruding wheel housings maximise space and provide very adequate hip and shoulder room for the driver and all passengers.
      • Throughout the entire process there are over 500 measurements taken with both the housings / covers as well as the gear sets.
      • To be on the safe side, the camera housings were taken back down and switch on has been put back by about six weeks while the technical issues are fully resolved.
      • They have a broad range of applications, from caulking medical equipment housings to adhering pacemaker leads.
      • The proposed chambers have been designed to incorporate the entire burial area and would include memorial housings, pathways, wheelchair access, drainage and gravel finishing.
      • Electronic engine components are usually enclosed in plastic housings which are formed from molten plastic in injection molding machines.
      • The detachable magazine holds 10 rounds and is contained in a modular housing that comes down as far as the trigger guard.
      • Also, some reactor housings will have to be hardened to protect them from air attack.
      • Small housings and enclosures are among the products that would benefit.
      • Shahab said their housings appeared to have been reinforced and filled with some kind of fluid.

    • 2.2(hole)

      abertura feminine
      hueco masculine
      • Clamp a piece of straight edged waste wood in line with one of the groove lines and using the waste wood as guide, saw down to the bottom of the housing.
      • Which housings / trims are rated for damp location?