Translation of housing estate in Spanish:

housing estate



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    (council estate)
    urbanización de viviendas de alquiler subvencionadas por el ayuntamiento
    • Residents of a housing estate have welcomed plans for three major developments.
    • Officials promised residents of a housing estate next to the centre a good level of security at a public meeting before it opened.
    • Residents fear traffic chaos if plans for a housing estate on the site of a demolished mill go ahead.
    • It could include the creation of a new housing estate or shopping centre in the area.
    • The operation saw 66 drug dealers and addicts banned from a housing estate in the area.
    • He is now thought to live on a council housing estate in London.
    • A murder inquiry was under way today after a teenager was stabbed to death on a Southampton housing estate.
    • People can also borrow money to buy a house from a housing estate that is part of the bank's project.
    • This is the scene on a York housing estate where burnt-out and abandoned cars are making life a misery for residents.
    • Families are at war over a short-cut walkway on a new housing estate.
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