Translation of hover in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhɒvə//ˈhəvər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (in air)
    (helicopter) sostenerse en el aire (sin avanzar)
    (helicopter) mantenerse inmóvil en el aire
    (bird) cernerse
    to hover over / above sth/sb cernerse sobre algo/algn
    • I'd keep an eye out for helicopters hovering overhead if I were him, and I certainly would not allow my wife and children to drive the family vehicle any longer.
    • On the shopping list of items necessary to encourage cycling, indoor bike lockers hover near the top.
    • It hit a 12-month high of 6,835 on February 17 last, but once again it is hovering close to the 6,000 milestone.
    • By Friday's close they were hovering just above #12.
    • The men in red and black are also well positioned to retain their Super League crown as they are hovering near the top of the table with five matches to go.
    • Helicopters were hovering above, circling the area.
    • The roads were closed for security reasons and helicopters were hovering over head.
    • Armed police with a back-up helicopter hovering overhead sealed off part of a village as a man terrorised his ex-partner at gunpoint.
    • Crude oil prices are hovering around record levels and Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico has been cited as one of the reasons for the latest spikes.
    • The CDC reported deaths as a whole from influenza hovering near epidemic levels.
    • An attempt on Wednesday was foiled when he was drowned out by a helicopter hovering overhead.
    • Gas prices continue to hover near record levels, but if you think you're paying too much at the pump that may be the least of your worries.
    • Overhead, a helicopter hovers at such a low height that it only just clears the occasional overpass bridges that appear.
    • Her car was pursued by a caravan of newspaper reporters, while television cameramen hovered overhead in helicopters.
    • The same gull hovered over the next green, but was driven away by the irate golfers.
    • A year later, as I stood waiting for a bus that wasn't coming, helicopters hovered overhead.
    • Met Office spokesman Andy Yeateman said bitter north winds will keep temperatures hovering close to freezing on Christmas Day and some snow flakes could fall.
    • The set didn't completely achieve lift-off, though it hovered very close at times.
    • Some, including Phillips, tried to hover within acceptable levels of steroid dosage.
    • More than 500 police backed up by helicopters hovering overhead were involved in raids across Sydney and Melbourne.
    • The lad moved the bow across the fiddle strings, and the moment he did, the birds stopped flying overhead and hovered to listen.
    • Shares initially hovered close to their opening mark as, for a fourth day in a row, traders were left without a lead from the US.
    • Broken down socioeconomically, the figures for most backgrounds hovered around this level.
    • Together they ditched £155,000 of shares as the company's stock continued to hover around its highest level for three years.
    • Army helicopters hovered overhead as mobile telephone networks were shut down to prevent crowds communicating.
    • A helicopter hovers overhead, a bit of air support for the ground troops.
    • With fuel prices hovering near record high levels, can any carrier turn a profit?
    • With Rovers currently hovering dangerously near the relegation zone, it's vital the players are not distracted from the task of trying to secure a priceless away win.
    • It hovers perilously close to cheesy at times (think animal prints and acres of marble), but it positively reeks of a bygone era.
    • Around midnight there was the all-too-familiar buzzing sound of the Garda helicopter hovering over the neighbourhood again.
    • The oil production cartel meets in Vienna as prices continue to hover close to the $50 per barrel mark and amidst continued strong demand from China.
    • Overhead, black helicopters hover in military formation like giant birds of prey.
    • While the craft were on the lake, the Shannon rescue helicopter was hovering above and advised that another craft was on the lake near Portumna with no one on board.
    • A helicopter hovers overhead - possibly a government task team assessing the disaster-hit area - but then departs quickly again.
    • As the price of oil hovers at near record highs it appears that car buyers are reining in their spending.
    • Overhead 10 helicopters hovered, cameramen and photographers ready to shoot the action.
    • By mid-morning, helicopters hovered overhead and police barked orders through bullhorns to keep order on the ground.
    • Helicopters seemed to hover overhead constantly.
    • Sumner compared it to the difference between a helicopter passing overhead or hovering.
    • Now he hovers close to breaching the 30% limit that would force him to make an offer for the whole company.
    • People were out in droves enjoying temperatures hovering near seventy.
  • 2

    (linger, be poised)
    the temperature hovered around 20° la temperatura rondaba los 20°
    • her secretary was hovering at her elbow su secretario le andaba alrededor
    • a smile/question hovered on her lips sus labios esbozaron una sonrisa/una pregunta
    • they were hovering on the brink of disaster estaban casi al borde del desastre
    • She hovered over her father, cleared a path for him, scanned the small crowd anxiously.
    • I remember my mum completely losing it and Nana just hovered over pop stroking his white hair back over and over.
    • Every now and then a walker, runner or cyclist would pass, a squirrel searched for a tree in a totally treeless landscape and miner bees hovered over their holes.
    • With all her usual care, Agatha switched the machine on and moved the cursor slowly until it hovered over the Internet Explorer icon.
    • He hovered over me peering down at me with his blue eyes.
    • He was in the process of cutting up some kind of machine with a blow torch, several parts of it were on fire and a plume of oily smoke hovered over it.
    • Dishes in hand, I hovered over the sink and smiled to myself.
    • The frightened teens hugged as Isabelle hovered over them.
    • We debated what to have while a waitress hovered over us.
    • Leaden gray clouds hovered over the ancient burial ground.
    • His finger hovered over the play button on the boom box.
    • He hovered over us, leering at our nubile young bodies, asking stupid questions and generally making us uncomfortable.
    • As I stammered my way to buying a bag of apples, and my classmates donned other wacky guises, Ralph hovered close by to cast a critical eye and ear over our performances.
    • I cautiously hovered over it and a text-box popped up with the URL of the previous page in the weblog I was reading.
    • Her sweet customary scent, Evening of Paris, hovered over the tension of the car.
    • A tenacious lone Black-winged kite hovered over the grassland even as darkness engulfed the hills.
    • The lights were on from the start and the dark clouds hovered over the ground.
    • My pen hovered over the box indicating interest in being a leader/co-leader.
    • Leanne's hand hovered over a large, blue button on her console, preparing to press it.
    • Isly hovered over him with a grin that rivaled his own.
    • So he hovered close and waited, and in the middle of the third week, his vigilance paid off.
    • The car really was on a bad angle, hovered over the ditch like that, it looked like we'd had a terrible accident.
    • He stood and hovered over her, worrying lighting his eyes.
    • We hover close enough that I can see the matted clumps in the bear's shaggy, pale brown coat.
    • As his father's concerned face hovered over him, Joe grinned.
    • The grandchildren hover close by, whispering and squirming bashfully if my glance falls upon them.
    • Thick, low clouds hovered over Jay's house like fists ready to strike.
    • In the gathering dusk, a full moon hovered over the eastern sky.
    • The sun was coming up over the old Sears building as a gaggle of women hovered over their toddlers and scurried across the street to catch the 5 bus.
    • I still love a good steak but I do miss that odd hint of petrochemicals that sometimes hovered over his meats.
    • The ice storm hovered over the Ontario and Quebec area until Jan. 14.
    • A watchful father hovered over an infant; his hopes and feelings were expressed with tender strength.
    • My companion hovered over the fruit as if he'd never seen an orange before, which he probably hadn't.
    • Marina now hovered over me with a complete set of dental instruments, a blender, and what looked like a microwave wired into a lawnmower.
    • Christian hovered over her, his arms on either side of her.
    • Waiting for the perfect time, Angel hovered over the guards.
    • Her voice dipped to a purr as her lips hovered over his.
    • He reached out with one hand, and it hovered over her shoulder.
    • My left hand shook as it hovered over the holster to my gun.
    • Once more, Julia's endearingly grubby little hand hovered over the clasp of her tote.
  • 3

    (be undecided)
    estar indeciso