There are 2 main translations of how in Spanish

: how1how2


cómo, adv.

Pronunciation /haʊ//haʊ/


  • 1

    (in questions, indirect questions)
    how do you know that/do it? ¿cómo lo sabes/haces?
    • how will you vote? ¿a / por quién vas a votar?
    • you owe me $20 — how's that? me debes $20 — ¿cómo es eso?
    • how are you? ¿cómo estás?
    • how's your leg? ¿cómo andas de la pierna?
    • how's the new job? ¿cómo marcha el nuevo trabajo?
    • how's your French? ¿qué tal es tu francés?
    • how do I look? ¿cómo / qué tal estoy?
    • how would Monday suit you? ¿te viene bien el lunes?
    • here comes the bus: how's that for timing? aquí viene el autobús ¡qué bien calculado!
    • it turned out she knew my cousin: how's that for a coincidence? resultó que conocía a mi prima ¡qué casualidad! ¿no?
    • I asked him how he knew le pregunté cómo lo sabía
    • how she puts up with him I don't know! ¡yo no sé cómo lo aguanta!
    • that depends on how she reacts eso depende de cómo reaccione
    • The very basis of government after all, is subjective views on how things ought to be.
    • Gordon had not caught the man's name, and was unsure how to ask in a polite manner.
    • Case law can also be more specific than general comments on how provisions ought to be understood.
    • If we cannot even accept these criticisms, how can we claim to be a country of manners?
    • But if they do behave in that way there is no need to tell them that that is how they ought to behave.
    • He observed that we had built a picture of ourselves that was based on an abstracted picture of how we ought to be.
    • This is not only the best single book on the subject but a model of how military history ought to be written.
    • I watched an equine chiropractor give a horse an adjustment and show us how to fit a saddle.
    • The people who ran the club before didn't have any knowledge of how a club should be run in a professional manner.
    • Science engages with busy minds that have strong views about how things are and ought to be.
    • Would he allow the Fed to be told how to adjust interest rates by a bumbling Dutchman?
    • There is a distinction to be made between doing science and thinking about how science ought to be done.
    • Tell me how I can get clear land title in a transparent manner, and I am ready to do it.
    • This is a book that ought to be read to understand how women today got much of what they take for granted.
    • There is a terrible feeling of being told by other people how we ought to lead our lives.
    • We may not get to choose how we go, but we can definitely choose the manner in which we are waved goodbye.
    • Such checks require that we choose what to monitor, when to monitor, and how to adjust treatment.
    • No more is said in that witness statement as to precisely how or in what manner service had been effected.
    • One further question: how would you word the abstract in a more objective manner?
    • It is not clear from the available data how these findings ought to be interpreted.
  • 2

    • 2.1(in questions, indirect questions)

      how wide is it? ¿cuánto tiene / mide de ancho?
      • how heavy is it? ¿cuánto pesa?
      • how long do you want it? ¿de qué largo lo quieres?
      • how high can you jump? ¿hasta dónde puedes saltar?
      • I'll be seeing him soon — how soon is soon? lo veré pronto — ¿qué quiere decir pronto?
      • how often/regularly do you meet? ¿con qué frecuencia/regularidad se reúnen?
      • how bad is the damage? ¿de qué gravedad son los daños?
      • how old are you? ¿cuántos años tienes?
      • how good a cook are you? ¿qué tal eres como cocinero?
      • that depends on how enthusiastic you are eso depende del entusiasmo que tengas
      • that shows just how little they understand eso demuestra lo poco que comprenden
      • I can't tell you how grateful I am! ¡no puedo decirte lo agradecido que estoy!
      • I know how important it is yo sé lo importante que es

    • 2.2(in exclamations)

      how strange/rude! ¡qué raro/grosero!
      • how we laughed! ¡cómo nos reímos!
      • how right you are! ¡cuánta razón tienes!
      • How I wish I had my childhood back!
      • How I wish I could always see my children the way I do today.

  • 3

    how about / how's about sth
    • how about a drink? ¿nos tomamos una copa?
    • Thursday's no good; how about Friday? el jueves no puede ser ¿qué te parece el viernes?
    • John's too busy — how about Rita? John está muy ocupado — ¿y Rita?
    • I'd love to go; how about you? me encantaría ir ¿y a ti?
    • 10 out of 10! how about that? 10 sobre 10 ¿qué te parece?
    • how come
    • how come the door's locked? ¿cómo es que la puerta está cerrada con llave?
    • the bar's shut — how come? el bar está cerrado — ¿pero cómo? / ¿cómo es eso?
    • and how! ¡y cómo!
    • was he drunk? — and how! ¿estaba borracho? — ¡y cómo!


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    the how and (the) why of it el cómo y el porqué

There are 2 main translations of how in Spanish

: how1how2


¡jau!, interj.


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