Translation of how-to in Spanish:


de información práctica, adj.

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    de información práctica
    con información práctica
    • I know, in the way that I know that Australia is moving north at the rate that our toe nails grow, that only 2% of people who buy how-to books or self-help books act on the advice of the book.
    • But Vince has an escape: he retreats to his room, where he studies how-to disco dance books.
    • There are a variety of plans available in how-to books, magazines and from building material suppliers.
    • Teens can also learn how to make illegal drugs; plenty of Web sites offer recipes, ingredients, and detailed how-to photos.
    • For instance, Pogue not only includes the how-to's but a lot of otherwise undocumented hints and tips as well.
    • The keys are spending time at a resort, having experienced friends to slide with, reading how-to books, and perhaps taking some lessons at a resort.
    • This technique is popular in many self-help and how-to books.
    • I'm looking for examples of factual books - preferably how-to books - that some readers read for the fun of imagining themselves using this knowledge.
    • These resources could include information on physical activity and disease states, fitness information, active living tip sheets, how-to resources, and resources to assess and monitor physical activity.
    • There are solid how-to instructions like other books, and his includes sections on the legacy of African American literature and author profiles of legendary authors.
    • Many of the books about hunting and shooting are how-to books, whether they cover hunting, gunsmithing or other shooting sports-related topics.
    • Join or start a writing club, subscribe to an online writers' group, read how-to books by the pros, and grab a mentor wherever you can - someone to give you honest and personal feedback.
    • This book doesn't try to emulate other how-to books and avoids the pitfall of becoming mired in too many technical details.
    • The series will look at problems with the current industry, explore how family farms and local economies might play in a better model, and offer how-to advice for creating and sustaining that model.
    • They were mock-serious how-to books in rather academic style, purporting to tell you how to be one up on everyone else you came in contact with, whether in games and sports or in ordinary social interaction.
    • Larry Mak has written a number of books including Secrets of Modern Slot Playing, an informative and fun-filled how-to book for slot machine players everywhere.
    • In the US, for example, there is an abundance of colourful how-to books, which show step-by-step how to perform certain skills, from home wiring and plumbing, to landscape design and construction.
    • I asked him if he'd read any of Adams's how-to books on exposure, development, and printing.
    • No reporting or speculative essay has given as much of a glimpse of this future as this how-to book of basement biology.
    • The tips are often random collections of articles licensed from how-to magazines and books.
    • This clear and concise how-to book would be a perfect resource for anyone involved with the raising of children.