Translation of howl in Spanish:


aullar, v.

Pronunciation /haʊl//haʊl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wolf/dog) aullar
    (person) dar alaridos
    (gale/wind) aullar
    (gale/wind) bramar
    when his hat fell off, I just howled (with laughter) cuando se le cayó el sombrero, estallé de risa
    • to howl at sb gritarle a algn
    • she howled at me to leave her alone me gritó que la dejara en paz
    • Their mystery deepens at nightfall over the landscape, and as bitter winds howl and shriek in the lonely valleys and impenetrable thickets of tall and spiky trees.
    • Outside the wind howls, the snow falls, the occasional taxi sweeps past.
    • A gale howls over the hunchback of Cairngorm, stinging our faces with windblown sleet.
    • He howled in mourning, vowing that the enemy would weep for years after he'd finished his revenge.
    • As journalists entered, the women began howling and screaming, crying out for their families.
    • Even though I was howling and screaming internally, I was suddenly aware of the loud noises that had gathered outside the room.
    • He shrieked and he wailed and he howled and he screeched, until all the air in his lungs left, and then he still yelled.
    • Now the wind no longer howls through the shelter.
    • I curl up in a chair with my own bunch of blankets and listen to the wind howl outside.
    • She heard the rain slam harder, and the wind howl and whip around the house.
    • The voice shrieked and howled before causing Jenna's body to fall to the ground.
    • He opened his mouth and began to howl, face crumpling with his siren wail.
    • The baby howled as a small bud of blood appeared and dropped onto the dagger.
    • She was howling as loudly as her young lungs allowed.
    • She screams, she howls, and she tries to be feminine and vulnerable but I just can't buy it.
    • Then she ran off, faster than any wildcat, and the men went on howling and shrieking, trying to untangle those knots.
    • Fuqua's approach is simple: let the music speak, shout and howl for itself.
    • The wind howls through them, stinging them with sleet and ice.
    • The wind howls outside but you're cosy round a big fire.
    • I scream, howl and babble in nonsense languages when on the edge of sleep.
    • Now, every time he hears the van, he howls like a baby until he is let out, runs across the road and queues up.
    • He took the risk, and didn't bawl and howl when it backfired.
    • ‘My baby,’ she howls before burying her face in her husband's shoulder.
    • The first man remained and watched the city, listening to the wind howl through its streets.
    • I've never heard the wind howl before, only imagined it when reading a book where it is described as such.
    • He howled parts of it out and we all bawled, but we were glad he had read it.
    • Last night, in the full moon, I heard a wolf howl, and this morning I woke up to a dead bear next to my side.
    • During the phone call David, a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, started to scream and howl.
    • Because even as we howl and bawl out about the way people are being gunned down, we always fail to be introspective in all of this.
    • Most climbers build snow walls around their tents in an effort to stem the winds that howl across the plateau come nightfall.
    • She screamed and howled in pain, and her body began to smoke.
    • In it, the wind howls fiercely, driving rain like stinging knifes in a torrential downpour, so heavy that he can't see more than two feet in front of his face.
    • He placed his other arm around her and listened to the wind howl as the sun shimmered down weakly.
    • I truly do not relish the thought of living under a huge tarpaulin when the west winds howl.
    • The air around them howled and screeched, twirling around like a maddened whirlpool.
    • He howls and screams and kicks, fighting his way free.
    • A wolf howls in the autumn morning, and is joined by three other voices.
    • How often I have listened to the tempest howl and rave
    • Aunty Pat closed the door, but I could still hear the noise of Baby Ann howling in the distance.
    • Finally, a scream of terror howled around the room and echoed off the tiles.
  • 2informal

    (weep noisily)
    berrear informal
  • 3British

    (loudspeaker) emitir pitidos

transitive verb

  • 1



  • 1

    (of dog, wolf) aullido masculine
    (of person) alarido masculine
    (of person) aullido masculine
    (of baby) berrido masculine
    a howl of pain/protest un alarido de dolor/de protesta
    • howls of laughter risotadas
  • 2British

    Audio Electronics
    pitido masculine
  • 3USinformal

    (something hilarious)
    it really was a howl fue un plato Latin America informal
    • me work for $10 an hour? that's a howl ¿trabajar yo por 10 dólares la hora? ¡no me hagas reír!