Translation of howsoever in Spanish:


comoquiera que, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌhaʊsoʊˈɛvər//haʊsəʊˈɛvə/



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    (+ subj) comoquiera que
    the clause, howsoever it be interpreted, … la cláusula, como quiera que se interprete / se interprete como se interprete, …
    • But, no philosophy, no education and no teaching, howsoever elevated and exalted, can inspire the people unless its preacher or teacher has a loving personality capable of commanding the affection and reverence of his followers.
    • Human art howsoever perfect can never duplicate this feat.
    • He further said that even today education was a property of the rich whereas the poor boy, howsoever brilliant he may be was being deprived of it.
    • Whatever his self-view, howsoever wide his terrorist network, there is no substitute for territory.
    • The Indian nation, howsoever imperfect, was in the process of formation.
    • Though she has just reached puberty, she is not overawed by a sage, howsoever famous he might be.
    • Thus, it is necessary and imperative that everyone struggles to imbibe and express values of selflessness, compassion, truthfulness and generosity in his character in howsoever small degree it may be possible for him.
    • It is the duty of the persons at the helm to ensure that no innocent person is punished, howsoever cumbersome the exercise of drawing a line between the ‘guilty ‘and ‘not-guilty‘.
    • Her remembrance of Gandhi is that of a fond grandfather who used to take time out and play with all children in the family, howsoever busy he was.
    • But over the course of years everyone living in a seismic zone realises that the flexible building that shakes and shimmies through a tremor suffers less damage than the rigid one, howsoever strong it may be.
    • Her innate charm even at her age and her adeptness at being able to turn a situation, howsoever desperate, in her favour, catapult her from the degrading depths of poverty into a fairly comfortable Brahmin priestess.
    • And howsoever busy she may be, she will never let go an opportunity to meet them as was evident from the public appearance she put in at a new fashion studio this afternoon.
    • It is seen with increasing clarity that values are not manufactured in factories, howsoever technologically perfect they might be.
    • Continuous and equally divided attention with love and affection by the parents would help give us a crop of a newer generation that is more respectful and helpful to others, howsoever different they may be.
    • These are facts of history that possibly cannot be undone now, howsoever unpleasant they might be.
    • For the truth, howsoever unpleasant it might be, these people will give their wealth, their honor, and even their lives.
    • This conflict cannot be resolved by recourse to one's faith howsoever true it may be, for every faith or sect makes a basic folly of dividing the world into ‘us ‘and ‘they‘.
    • ‘We are making progress, howsoever slow it may be, but there is no conflict on the ground,’ Fernandes said.