Translation of hub in Spanish:


cubo, n.

Pronunciation /hʌb//həb/


  • 1

    (of wheel)
    cubo masculine
    • With a great leap, he landed on the hub of the wheel and grabbed the flapping reins.
    • Rocker arms and clutch hubs are examples of automotive production parts that are surface hardened by induction.
    • In all cases these wheels appear to be solid wooden discs with a thickened hub.
    • Now we are keeping that going, and working on some other parts that are new to us - pedals, cranks, hubs and wheels.
    • The legs of the standard are apart sufficiently to take the outer end of the wheel hub, as shown.
    • There is a farmer's tip/bonfire of burnt plastic, wool, stock mark spray, and wheel hubs.
    • The front wheel doubles as a paddle wheel and has no hub but instead tracks along its rim.
    • Dirt roads also eat the magnets, which activate the trailer brakes in the hubs of the trailer axle.
    • If we do, there is the danger that the hub nuts will come off and then the wheels drop off.
    • Instead, a few species are like hubs, with spokes radiating out to the other species.
    • Key components, including the rotor blades, gearboxes and rotor hubs, will be built at the company's British base.
    • Eventually though, I end up with shredded hubs, broken spokes and cracked rims.
    • Ventilation is often achieved by using wheel hubs from clapped-out vehicles as protective grilles.
    • The barrel of the cannon passed through the reduction gearbox and the propeller hub.
    • Remove your wheels, and wipe them down, since the dirt gets lodged in the little nooks and crannies of the wheel hubs and spokes.
    • What is the durability data for ceramic bearings in bicycle hubs?
    • We stop to flip up our windshield, free the front axle hubs, and shift to high-range.
    • The amount of power dissipated in even a standard steel ball bearing hub is quite small.
    • Close inspection showed a catastrophic failure of two of the main wheel hub bolts.
    • The hub of the wheel is also the largest single steel casting ever made.
  • 2

    (focal point)
    centro masculine
    the hub of the universe el centro del universo
    • The prosecution had opened the case that the defendants were at the hub and that others were the spokes of the conspiracy.
    • Today, the area around the vast pond is the hub of commercial activity in the city.
    • Clubs need to be innovative, family friendly and at the hub of local activity.
    • Traffic was halted in business hubs in the central, southern and northern parts of the city.
    • He said that he expected that the region would become an international hub of tourism.
    • For centuries this quaint location has been a hub of activity; that of natural forces and that of man.
    • Services can go out from a central hub, to the communities needing them, when they need them.
    • This playgroup also acts a central social hub for mothers to make contact, share problems and ideas.
    • He said Thailand simply attracted a lot of tourists because of its position as a hub of the region.
    • The cable was one of the main links between Croydon and Telehouse, the telecoms hub in central London.
    • The way is now clear to increase car-parking and make the centre the hub of Carlow town.
    • We should find more hubs and semi - hubs in the discussions forums network then at other networks.
    • Using this method an eight-wire connection runs from each machine to a central hub.
    • Leipzig was one of the earliest book publishing hubs in both Germany and Central Europe.
    • The Government High School becomes a hub of activities on Saturday and Sunday evenings.
    • It serves to provide a central hub for documents and information related to biodiversity.
    • The ground floor is the hub of the activity as it is the main banking hall.
    • Even as she got older and became physically less able, she was still as sharp as a button and the central hub for all of us.
    • They were the hubs around which the wheels of the villages revolved.