Translation of hubby in Spanish:


maridito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhʌbi//ˈhəbi/

nounPlural hubbies


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    maridito masculine informal
    • The only problem is that I think my hubby is drinking too much.
    • The hubby on the other hand is opposite from me, he likes to be up all hours of the night/morning.
    • I've noticed the hubby is not so keen on a weekend of the wife being present but not there.
    • If you don't find a wife or a hubby by a certain age, do you have a backup spouse in mind?
    • It's no longer all about the little wifey having the hubby's meal on the table at 6pm on the button.
    • I have a friend who went to Guelph, she lives in England now with her hubby.
    • Do not start to panic if your hubby or wife has any of these sicknesses and you have not yet developed them.
    • An old and much loved friend and her hubby visited this weekend.
    • Even if you meet them upfront, you will find yourself talking to the hubby.
    • My hubby Bill gallantly stepped in to carry out a hasty repair.