Translation of huddle in Spanish:


grupo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhədl//ˈhʌd(ə)l/


  • 1

    (tight group)
    grupo masculine
    corrillo masculine
    • The huddle of poor dwellings, too small to be named a village, clings plastered like martens' nests against rocks, high above a green river.
    • In the huddle of the Old Town, space decreed that the myriad of clubs and societies met in public venues across the town.
    • We follow the sandy road that was once the sea and pause by a huddle of weather-beaten shacks.
    • A huddle of poky teashops serves the day labourers who congregate here in search of work, and travellers from the station.
    • After the long ferry journey, Puerto Natales appears as a cheerful huddle of brightly painted buildings clinging bravely to the shore of the Gulf of Almirante Montt.
    • Near an old iron radiator, a group of adults sit next to a rickety table, a huddle of fathers chatting and watching.
    • With its huddle of houses around a crescent-shaped beach, Elie, in the East Neuk of Fife, has long been known as one of Scotland's most desirable holiday addresses.
    • Branden also joined the early morning escapade, but he merely sat down next to the small huddle of human mass on the floor.
    • He was high above York, looking down at the city sparkling below - the River Ouse and the snow-capped huddle of houses that lined it.
    • Far ahead of us, the trees thickened into a forest that enveloped the slopes of a huddle of dismal, mist-shrouded mountains crouching in the shadows of the towering Swabian Alps.
    • Meanwhile, a huddle of hacks tried to write down his thoughts in the downpour.
    • Frequently on the run, we would occupy some huddle of rough huts from one insecure night till the next.
    • Richard's head is shown side-on, like a keyhole, through which a huddle of other images are, almost literally, glowing.
    • Malouma is from Mauritania on the west coast of Africa, immediately to the north of Senegal, and could rarely have encountered such an unhelpful context in which to impress the huddle of promoters and journalists.
    • The fishermen's village at Puerto Santo Tomás is a huddle of terraced shacks on the bluff above the bay.
    • The harbour walk in Watchet was deserted apart from me and a huddle of damp pigeons.
    • In the quieter reaches of Taunton, walking through the back lanes from Magdelane Alley past the Church and into the huddle of old roads and shops by the river, it was truly pleasant.
    • In the middle of the boring huddle of dark blue and grey suits cutting their deals and looking round to be head-hunted, a handsome dark-haired newcomer cut an underdressed swathe.
    • In their huddle of 20 were Troy Evans, Jay Foreman, Dave Ragone, Wade, Kris Brown, Tony Banks and Bennie Joppru.
    • There is a smoking ban here now so every pub and restaurant has a little huddle of smokers outside.
  • 2

    corrillo masculine
    (in US football) timbac masculine
    (in US football) jol masculine
    • Players break from huddles quickly and swiftly move from drill to drill.
    • His age means he won't step into a huddle and be intimidated by older teammates.
    • Cameras will be placed in locker rooms, helmets, and huddles, and players and coaches will be equipped with microphones during games.
    • All too often we have watched as Declan Kidney brought his players together in a huddle after a heart-rending defeat.
    • The groupies put their heads together in a fluffy little imitation of a pep huddle and debated on it.
    • Unfortunately, when a class has been together for a long time, the ‘old’ members may cluster together in an exclusive huddle.
    • This year she was so relaxed she even cracked a joke in a huddle during an overtime game in the Bridgeport Regional final against Connecticut.
    • He's vocal in the huddle, telling the linemen what he wants and the receivers where they need to be.
    • They didn't appear to hear her, but were actually conferring in some sort of huddle, weapons and all.
    • The first quarter horn has sounded and your team jogs to the huddle.
    • With that, all the popular girls gathered in a huddle and started whispering together.
    • Ayhia watched incredulously as the Hinsef gathered together in a huddle, apparently to discuss what to do with her, though she couldn't hear them so she couldn't be sure.
    • He saw him gather five of the soldiers into a huddle and with his subtle, sinister voice began to speak again.
    • This inbounds play starts off the same way as the huddle, except your players face your inbounder this time, and they don't put their arms around each other.
    • After the anthem had been played, the players moved from the line to their respective half of the field and got into a brief team huddle.
    • So when they meet these days, they exchange a series of secret signs and code words, and then they go off into a huddle together and giggle a lot.
    • She rose from her seat and made her way to the other three, who had already gathered in a huddle at the front of the class.
    • After being removed from a recent game, Gooden refused to join a team huddle.
    • Once the anthem was finished, the players moved to their respective side of the field, gathered into a brief team huddle, and then moved into position.
    • That's when a team's quarterback calls two plays in the huddle and tells every player to ‘check with me’ before the snap to know which play to run.
    • It wasn't that the players got in the huddle and said, ‘Let's flip the switch and turn it on now.’
    • Scouts love his size, accuracy and ability to manage the huddle and game.
    • The crowd was restless, and when he had finished, the noise increased to a level above normal as they watched the two huddles of players, preparing for the game.
    • At one point, he even refused to join the team huddle during a timeout.
    • A number of Dwarves were gathered together in a tight huddle, whispering furiously.
    • Probably no one was happier to see David Carr back in the huddle than the team's top draft pick.
    • Meanwhile at the ground, the Indian team is getting into its famous post-wicket huddle and gradually moving together around the ground.
    • Certainly chatting over meat pies and mushy peas in the bar, or gathered in huddles around the rickety stables and paddock, every colourful aspect of local life seems to be represented.
    • Department teams also conduct brief daily huddles to review what did and didn't go well the day before.
    • Shots of Payton soaring, cutting, and emoting made up most of the replay reels, but the camera angles that caught Barry leading on-court huddles during game breaks said so much more.
    • Now Sapio gathers his top managers in a daily huddle at 4: 37 p.m., just after the stock market closes, to go over the figures.
    • Rotatable or movable seating in large classrooms and auditoriums, so students have options for small group huddles or discussion.
    • We made some extra stops, and sped past the small huddle of yellow-coated policemen on the track half way between Brentwood and Harold Wood looking at body parts on the track.
    • He's the best quarterback on the roster, period, because of what he brings to the huddle and the passing game.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (crowd together)
    she huddled against her mother se arrimó a su madre
    • People huddled together or wrapped themselves in blankets to keep warm.
    • There we stood huddled together amid a jeering crowd in a remote bus station of Hunan.
    • The three guards selected exited rapidly to carry out their monarch's wishes, and the four left huddled together like a bewildered flock of sheep.
    • As the kids and I huddled together on the floor in the basement I sent up a silent prayer of thanks that we were all safe and basically in good spirits.
    • Last night they huddled together in sleeping bags as a bone-chilling wind and rain threatened to crack their resolve.
    • Earlier, at the rail stations targeted in the attack, people huddled together and shed tears as memories of the blasts returned.
    • It was a scintillating partnership that wowed the crowd and their teammates, who huddled together on the dressing room balcony to witness a stellar batting exhibition.
    • For starters, on what seems like a daily basis, someone somehow wanders off unnoticed by a group huddled together in the middle of the desert.
    • She huddled together with her mother, caring for her, making her comfortable.
    • Our family huddled together seeking solace and warding off the sense of fear and instability that engulfed us.
    • Then I noticed a young family huddled together on the pavement.
    • As he lost consciousness his friends put Mr Scoreby into a warming ‘space blanket’ and huddled around him to pass on their body heat.
    • Sparrows huddled together, perfectly still, like stone cherubs with their numb fingers thrust under their armpits.
    • At one point, they were waiting for other members of their party to arrive by helicopter and had to sit huddled together under Porteous's big jacket.
    • Josh Long and Troy Driscoll huddled together at night for warmth while sharing a wetsuit they found in their boat, with one wearing the top, the other the bottom.
    • A crowd of grey cloaked figures huddled together, like a ragged flock of birds.
    • A hundred or so of us huddled together in the shelter of the lobby of the Hibiya Town Hall, where I had a strong sense of not being in my natural milieu.
    • But when he returned, swinging his cane, he saw those two women sitting huddled together by the station wall.
    • On Monday it was easy to detect smokers on the streets of the county's town and villages with little groups huddled together outside their place of work.
    • Trying her best not to stare at the small groups of dirty pirates huddled together on the deck, Pearl followed closely behind Wesley.
  • 2

    (curl up)
    • When I pulled in, I saw someone huddled up next to the payphones.
    • Now, winter days, once spent huddled up with a favourite book, involve long walks in the park, often in hot pursuit of a toddler.
    • I sighed, rolled my head around to look at her: huddled up into her corner of the carriage, hugging her knees with feet on the upholstery.
    • He stayed in his position, huddled up with the blankets instead.
    • She hadn't woken up, but she was on the ground, huddled up, she looked like she was freezing, and she had nothing protecting her but a coat.
    • But on this particular morning she opened the front door to find a fishing box with nothing to indicate who had left it, just a fluffy puffin huddled up inside.
    • I dissolved some aspirin, swigged it, and then sat back to enjoy the first of several hot rum toddies, sipping gratefully, huddled by the big radiator in the kitchen.
    • He huddled up into the fetal position and lay there a few moments, his eyes clamped tightly shut as that eerie voice filled his mind.
    • Someone was huddled in a nondescript heap against the wall.
    • I got her in and she eventually found her way to the small bathroom and huddled up on the counter in the dark.
    • I was huddled in a chair in the lounge, cold cups of strong coffee by my feet.
    • Keirian looked around his cell as he sat huddled up against the wall.
    • They were now above Jim's cell, where Jim was sitting, huddled up in a ball, and then he got up and ran at the door, only to be thrown back.
    • While my case is pretty mild, I cancelled all the day's appointments and huddled up in bed.
    • Next to us is a woman reading a book, huddled up, occasionally reaching for her glass of wine (in which the level scarcely changes all the time we are there).
    • He was alone, cold and dirty, huddled up on the side of the road.
    • When she emerged from the thicket she saw a young girl, nothing more than a girl of fifteen, huddled up against the tree.
    • Then I sat watching the light show while James huddled up behind me on the sofa.
    • She huddled up against his back, his hairless hide exuding a gentle warmth and feeling incredibly soft against her fingertips as she stroked his ribs.
    • The concerned father found his son, huddled up and petrified in the greasy well of the lift shift, clearly in pain from injuries he had suffered.
  • 3

    (in US football)
    hacer un timbac
    hacer un jol