Translation of hug in Spanish:


abrazar, v.

Pronunciation /həɡ//hʌɡ/

transitive verbhugging, hugged

  • 1

    (cushion/person/doll) abrazar
    I hugged my knees to my chest me apreté las rodillas contra el pecho
    • to hug oneself congratularse
    • She wrapped him with a blanket and hugged him close, kissing his forehead.
    • I curled up in a ball, bringing my knees up and hugging them, feeling cold even under the thick quilt cover.
    • He turned around to face her and she drew closer to him, hugging him tightly, kissing him on the cheek.
    • She quickly crawled against the railing and sobbed, grabbing her knees against her, hugging it tightly for comfort.
    • I barely made it back to my seat before people started coming up to me and hugging me and kissing me.
    • Blair reached out for the blanket now and pulled it over his legs and body, hugging his abdomen with both arms.
    • He picked up Josie's limp body and hugged it to himself, she bled on him, but he didn't care.
    • He hugged me tightly, kissed me and I'm sure he smelled my hair as he rubbed my back.
    • His wet suit was hugging every part of his body and he was hugging his surfboard.
    • I hesitantly sat down next to her, hugging my knees tightly.
    • Her arm quickly pulled him close and she hugged him tight like she'd never let him go.
    • Rachael, startled about the sudden show of affection, hugged him back.
    • To my surprise, he returned the kiss and also hugged me a bit more tightly.
    • Angstrom pulls his legs up close to his body, hugging them tightly.
    • He was busy trying to think of a potential plan when he heard a sniff and turned back around to find Laura hugging her knees tightly and biting her lip, hard.
    • Then the older of the two folded her arms around her knees, hugging them to her chest.
    • Annika spent most of her time with her sister, knees drawn up to her chest, hugging them tightly.
    • Morgan curled his arms around his knees, hugging them to his chest.
    • She hugged him tightly and kissed him as they stood at the top of the stairs that led to the waiting crowd below.
    • I threw my arms around him and squeezed, hugging him and burying my face into his chest as I cried.
    • Her smile - small as it was - lit up her face, and she enveloped her father in her arms, hugging him and squeezing as hard as she could.
    • He hunched his legs up to his body and hugged them tightly to his chest as the night wind tore across him.
    • She knelt down before her brother, and hugged him tightly kissing his head.
    • After he did this he pulled me closer, hugging me tightly against him.
    • I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him close, hugging him tightly, and ignoring my throbbing arm.
    • I clutched the gown to me and felt that feminine joy spread throughout my body as I hugged it to myself.
    • Rewatch the episodes and notice how physical their affection is, how many times Ben kisses Jake, hugs him, holds his face.
    • ‘Hey’ Joel says walking over to her and hugging her tightly then kissing her forehead.
    • Rob must have felt it, because he hugged him closer and kissed him on the top of the head.
    • Kai was sitting on the ground, hugging her knees tightly.
    • She curled up, hugging her knees tightly to her chest and Kara moved to help hold her in position.
    • Seizing the nearest bathrobe, I hugged it tightly around my body before whizzing through the door barefoot.
    • But a woman cries when she's handed a thick stack of bills, when people hug her and kiss her on the forehead.
    • I scooted as close to him as I could, hugged him, and kissed his cheek.
    • She hugged her coat tightly to her body to keep from getting a chill.
    • Kassa sat huddled in a corner of the small room, hugging her knees tightly to her chest and resting her forehead on them.
    • I smiled and squeezed the person that was hugging me affectionately.
    • She was cut off as he got up and hugged her with a kiss on the cheek, close to her lips.
    • She pulled her knees to her chest and hugged them tightly.
    • I told Christopher honestly, propping my knees up and hugging them.
  • 2

    (keep close to)
    ir pegado a
    the boat hugged the shore el barco avanzaba pegado a la costa
    • It includes two passes over the classic Whaanga Coast test, which hugs the Tasman Sea coastline and is rated by many as the best stage in the entire championship.
    • Because the coastguards needed to be able to investigate every cove and inlet along the way, the path hugs the coast closely.
    • We took Highway 1 along the spectacular Pacific coast south of Monterey, the road hugging close to the cliffside.
    • The Denver Universal Spaceport was right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, hugging the Colorado Island coastline.
    • The train crosses broad meadowlands before hugging the North Fork of the Payette River first on one side of the tracks, then on the other.
  • 3literary

    (cling to)
    I hugged the thought to myself me guardé el pensamiento
    • He is proud of his ability to do this work by himself and tells about his day's routine — all the while hugging a secret that he will share with his family in the evening.
    • Alone on her mountain, Deanna is hugging a secret.


  • 1

    abrazo masculine
    to give sb a hug abrazar / darle un abrazo a algn
    • I practically jumped over the seat to give her a huge hug, and immediately tears started rolling down my cheeks.
    • She embraced her old friends in a tight hug, tears streaming from her eyes.
    • No applause could be heard, though hugs and tears were evident.
    • We go through the motions, the meaningless hugs, the tears, the constant apologies.
    • She so looked forward to his hugs, his smell and the scratch of his whiskers against her cheek.
    • Claude stopped laughing and sat up besides her embracing her with a hug as the tears started to form again around her eyes.
    • Some of the men had family in this town, they ran to them and there were hugs and kisses and tears of joy.
    • She was pale and terribly weak, dropping to her knees as we caught her in a big hug while our tears covered our cheeks.
    • Mr Adams spent time exchanging small talk and enjoying the good-humoured banter, signing autographs and receiving hugs and kisses.
    • A few hugs and tears are shed as we think back to when Lindsay was too ill to even get out of bed, and could not breathe on her own.
    • Alli broke the hug and dried her tears as she looked at her hands, folded in her lap.
    • When my marriage ended, I promised her through our hugs and tears that I would never abandon her or Frank and they would always have access to their granddaughter Melissa.
    • Since he was a few inches taller than me, I jumped down from the hug and looked at him in the eye.
    • Last night my son was overtired, and needing a lot of hugs, his eyes tearing up from exhaustion and wanting his mom.
    • Among the more salubrious consolations of the past months have been 5000 letters of support from the public and the unsolicited hugs of strangers.
    • I was emotionally overcome to see them and after hugs and kisses and tears shed all round, we went back home.
    • They have held hands, dried tears, given hugs and listened.
    • She stepped back from my hug whipping her tears from her face.
    • There were many tears, and long hugs and kisses.
    • There had been tiffs and tears, hugs and kisses, but nothing so dramatic as what was to follow after most of them had left.