Translation of huge in Spanish:


enorme, adj.

Pronunciation /hjuːdʒ//(h)judʒ/


  • 1

    (building/person) enorme
    (person/building) inmenso
    (building/person) gigantesco
    (sum) astronómico
    (sum) enorme
    (response) tremendo
    it was a huge success fue un exitazo informal
    • He said he has a huge struggle to climb the six flights of stairs up to his flat on the second floor.
    • If people do not think that the subject is even worth thinking about the task is huge.
    • From further away I could see the flames from each tower and a huge hole in the side of each.
    • A huge tree has fallen in the path of their only exit, and they can only leave by foot.
    • That's a lot of suffering, as well as a huge drain on the workforce in terms of days lost.
    • Although not a huge amount of money I got the bank to retrieve it as a point of principle.
    • Now it has a huge lower market and a small but worthwhile high quality luxury market.
    • Due to a huge car repair bill this month, all we could offer him was an air mattress.
    • There was this huge burst of hot air and all of the shop I was delivering to started to fall on to me.
    • Organisers are also hoping to put on a huge firework display and find a sponsor to fund it.
    • It would have taken a huge effort for the president to reach home even if he had decided to come.
    • He lays them out on the huge steel plates and then someone marks out where to cut and where to bend.
    • Now they live in a huge house with a swimming pool, and two cars in a massive garage.