Translation of hugely in Spanish:


tremendamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈhjuːdʒli//ˈ(h)judʒli/


  • 1

    (successful/agreeable) tremendamente
    (successful/agreeable) enormemente
    he seems to be enjoying himself hugely parece estar divirtiéndose en grande
    • That makes him hugely entertaining to watch, but expensive to back in big events.
    • She said the scheme was proving to be a huge success and was hugely popular with the youngsters involved.
    • To try to cover all options would be hugely expensive so lawyers pass on the risk to somebody else.
    • A pub chain is to extend its no-smoking ban after a hugely successful trial in Bradford.
    • Also playing their part in a hugely successful day were four students from York University.
    • The house itself was hugely run down but was still used by doctors working at the hospital.
    • His political strategy has been hugely successful and he is a natural party leader.
    • He and the rest of the squad players are hugely enjoying their paper valuations, he says.
    • At the time it was hugely controversial and we weren't thought of terribly favourably.
    • The feminist view of useless men may be extreme, but it has been hugely influential.
    • The tax paid on North Sea oil varies hugely from one field to the next, depending mainly on the age of the field.
    • Some of the stories are hugely entertaining but there is a lot of sadness in the book as well.
    • The need to accommodate tramways was the reason for another hugely contentious scheme.
    • He is hugely confident, to the extent that some people have described him as arrogant.
    • The political backdrop is a huge and hugely successful public access arrangement.
    • They have just returned from a hugely successful week-long tour of south west France.
    • It will be hugely expensive to us, as well as making the UK a prime target in any future war.
    • It was a hugely difficult time, it took an awful lot of my time away from the club.
    • Baseball caps and hooded tops, known as hoodies, are hugely popular with teenagers.
    • The visit followed a hugely successful reunion earlier this year of the old school chums.
  • 2

    (by large amount)
    (expanded/increased) enormemente
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