Translation of huh in Spanish:


¿qué?, interj.

Pronunciation /hʌ//hə//hə/


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    (expressing surprise) ¿qué?
    (expressing disbelief, derision) ¡ja!
    (expressing disbelief, derision) sí, sí …
    (in inquiry) ¿eh?
    • For a couple who's only kissed twice, I think they're doing pretty damn well, huh?
    • For all the time he spends in the lab, he must publish at a pretty impressive rate, huh?
    • Maybe they could pay for you to get a haircut too huh?
    • Speaking of which, I probably need to decide who I'm voting for pretty soon, huh?
    • Summer vacation is over and it's time to hit the books, huh?
    • But the one thing I've learned while keeping this site is that, huh, I am not alone.
    • Just what the doctor ordered for policemen fighting naxalites today, huh!
    • Based on these questions, you really have to prepare for them, huh?
    • They'll go, huh, this is cool.
    • It's funny how certain scents can remind you of things, huh?
    • They steal your ideas, they steal your guitar licks, they steal your songs, they steal your money - huh!
    • Too bad, I thought a 3 year relationship would have been stronger huh?
    • So much for weblogs as the great promotional tool of the future, huh?
    • Still, it's just as well, if not better, to get paid for standing around doing very little and trying out new cosmetics products, huh?
    • Being mistaken for Kate's mother didn't dent my ego too much. Huh.
    • It tells me how people have found me and stuff, pretty neat huh?
    • FIrst of all the Monarchy is not a democratic organisation, surprised huh?
    • She suggested that I was in the wrong cycling as I was in the gutter and that I should have been in the middle of the road facing the oncoming traffic - huh!
    • Funny how people are either cat people or dog people, huh?
    • What gives you the right to comment on the love Michael and I had, huh?
    • Once again, that middle class just doesn't know what's good for it, huh?
    • I guess that means I'll have a reason to laugh when you're buried in your grave, huh!
    • I guess I'm just going to have to develop a sense of humor, huh?
    • This picture isn't quite what I was doing, but it's pretty impressive, huh?
    • So all in all that sounds a pretty good deal, huh?