Translation of human nature in Spanish:

human nature

naturaleza humana, n.


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    naturaleza humana feminine
    we all do it, it's human nature todos lo hacemos, así es la naturaleza humana
    • Gambling is a fundamental part of human nature - we all take risks in daily life.
    • Two stages were built for the show, representing the masculine and feminine sides of human nature.
    • They were artists in their own right, but more, they were observers of human nature.
    • You have restored my faith in human nature and it proves that not all young people are yobs or thugs.
    • That is what we have realised after a long and close observation of human nature.
    • It is our human nature as social animals to attempt to interact with each other in a profitable manner.
    • It is part of human nature for a parent to show a little favouritism towards their own children.
    • It's human nature for people to reveal things at one moment that they regret a week or a year later.
    • They pointed out how little human nature has changed over the last thousand years.
    • There are bad facets of human nature, and these have to be restrained, mitigated, diverted.
    • It's good, though, to find someone who is even more pessimistic about human nature than I am.
    • Call me naive, but I still have enough faith in human nature to believe that they cannot succeed in this.
    • Clearly, such views are derived from a very depressing take on human nature.
    • It's human nature that in uncertain times we become more conservative and less speculative.
    • How could you have a glowing view of human nature when you contemplate what people do to one another?
    • I despair of human nature; children are being taught that it is okay to be heartless to wild animals.
    • It's human nature to slow down just before a camera and then speed up again.
    • As luck would have it, human nature means we all need different things at different times in different ways.
    • Catastrophes of this magnitude and nature serve to bring out the best in human nature.
    • The great thing about human nature is that we can make just about anything routine.