Translation of human resources in Spanish:

human resources

recursos humanos, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    recursos humanos masculine
    before noun human resources manager directora de recursos humanos feminine
    • Through human resources, many companies have internal mechanisms to resolve problems.
    • Recruiting newcomers isn't something that is best just handed over to human resources.
    • The director of human resources disputed the rumoured £95,000 bill.
    • From accounting and stock control to human resources and customer relationship management, they pretty much cover it all.
    • This could include human resources, network managers and, of course, security.
    • If you go back some years, issues such as human resources were centrally managed.
    • He recruited expats to run human resources, retail, and corporate development.
    • Elaine Byrne, the trust's pay and benefits manager, has served as acting director of human resources since August last year.
    • She was a senior vice president of human resources at a local bank who had no sales experience whatsoever.
    • Its senior management, human resources, IT and administration work from Yorkshire.
    • Suzanne Blake, director of human resources, has been with the company for 26 years.
    • They also met with the department's head of human resources, John Gillespie.
    • When such an attack is under way, computing as well as human resources are directed to dealing with the attack.
    • And this was rejected by the director of human resources?
    • He was later seconded as chief director for human resources in the provincial Health Department but has since left.
    • Director of human resources Wendy Gay believes the survey shows it is still performing well in certain areas.
    • I have an immediate deputy who is my director of human resources.
    • But Paul Bentley, the director of human resources, believes more spaces are the only answer.
    • Need to know who to call in human resources about a difficult employee?
    • Its department of human resources has a new way to promote job openings.