Translation of human rights in Spanish:

human rights

derechos humanos, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    derechos humanos masculine
    before noun human rights activist activista pro derechos humanos feminine
    • human rights campaign campaña por los derechos humanos
    • human rights campaigner defensora de los derechos humanos
    • human rights organization organización de (los) derechos humanos
    • Here is to be found the origin of much of the rhetoric of universal human rights.
    • He was a lawyer and a trade union activist, a campaigner for human rights and democracy.
    • They argued that publicity would breach their human rights, but the case was lost.
    • That even prisoners can fight for their human rights inspired us to write about it.
    • That fundamental human right belongs to all women regardless of whether they are disabled or not disabled.
    • It's hard on the need for universal human rights and the rule of international law.
    • Yet it is these same left wing groups that claim to be very interested in human rights.
    • I believe that that is a basic human right for a man, a woman, and their children.
    • We believe that democracy and human rights are worth defending with all our strength.
    • An inclusive agenda for human rights must make human rights the basis of economic systems.
    • They want local councils to pass a resolution condemning this violation of human rights.
    • More and more states had come to believe in and observe democratic norms and human rights.
    • Breaching basic human rights is not the way to deal with serious terrorist threats.
    • Readers will be unsurprised that sites that look at abuses of human rights are blocked.
    • Do you demand victory with the passion of a man demanding basic human rights?
    • It is a basic issue of human rights that individuals can observe their religion.
    • They were found to undermine human rights by forcing strong medications on ill people.
    • Where the violation of fundamental human rights is concerned, no more than this is needed.
    • Torture is okay as long as it's done for the sake of maintaining freedom and human rights.
    • Should we just sit back and let him, because war is wrong and it's an infringement of human rights?