Translation of human shield in Spanish:

human shield

escudo humano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)jumən ʃild/


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    escudo humano masculine
    • Some Canadians already have left for Iraq to serve as human shields against bomb attacks on Baghdad.
    • Instead, there are hundreds of soldiers dug in and on patrol forming a lethal human shield around the base.
    • Chechen rebels used ethnic Russian civilians as human shields during the brutal war in Chechnya.
    • Iraq largely used voluntary human shields to immunize targets that were part of its infrastructure.
    • I actually don't think that voluntary human shields raise any war crimes by any side.
    • They fight out of uniform, use human shields and routinely launch attacks against civilians.
    • Rebels in Nigeria have kidnapped nine foreign oil workers, including a Briton, and threatened to use them as human shields for attacks on the oil industry.
    • However, when the human shields faced live ammunition their priorities changed.
    • This was so the British could use the people living in them as human shields from mortar attack.
    • The Germans often advanced against the insurgents with civilians strapped to the front of their armoured vehicles as human shields.
    • Stories of using civilians as human shields, and executing prisoners of war, leaves one speechless.
    • I also have read that human shields might be deploying at water facilities.
    • They knew that it would take more than a few hundred Western human shields to stop a war.
    • He sat up a wee bit straighter and allowed more of his body to cover her as a human shield if someone did indeed attack.
    • They were treated as a human shield in case of an attack.
    • The British stories that civilians were forced to take up arms by the militia and were used by the militia as human shields were also lies.
    • There are also reports that civilians are being conscripted to fight or be human shields.
    • However, if such are killed in crossfire or if used as human shields, they become collateral damage.
    • The army systematically used Palestinian civilians as human shields.
    • She also denied that human shields were fleeing the country as the likelihood of war increased.