Translation of humanitarian in Spanish:


humanitario, adj.

Pronunciation /hjʊˌmanɪˈtɛːrɪən//(h)juˌmænəˈtɛriən/


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    (aims/principles) humanitario
    • It joined a convey of 23 ambulances and nine lorries packed with humanitarian aid.
    • Clearly our forces now need to adapt to the change in the civilian attitude and humanitarian crisis emerging.
    • The Scouts are learning about international humanitarian aid by doing it themselves.
    • What is true is that it is very rare for donors to provide aid on humanitarian grounds.
    • The aid agencies now despair since even basic humanitarian work is ever more impossible.
    • The clear intention was to kill civilians gathered for food aid and to disrupt humanitarian relief.
    • He suggested duties would involve reconstruction, health care and humanitarian aid.
    • They told us that they want us to stop humanitarian aid by the first of the year.
    • They had no intention of joining the fighting, they insist, but only of giving humanitarian aid.
    • An excellent example of the difference between military and humanitarian concern comes from Namibia.
    • There is a massive humanitarian need and aid agencies are crying out for safe access to the people who need us.
    • Apart from giving the children a holiday each year, we also send out many tonnes of humanitarian aid.
    • These are billions that should have been used for humanitarian aid.
    • Nor is it motivated by concern to ensure that humanitarian efforts proceed unhindered.
    • There is a recognition that any military action must be accompanied by huge humanitarian aid.
    • It won't be humanitarian concerns that tip us into this new era, but they laid the foundation.
    • It was simply that domestic policy considerations took priority over humanitarian concerns.
    • No credence can be given to any genuine humanitarian concern from Paris or London.
    • In a humanitarian response, aid agencies must consider their long term goals.
    • Most of the signatories were happy to sign because of their profound humanitarian concerns.


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    humanitario masculine
    humanitaria feminine