Translation of humanoid in Spanish:


humanoide, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈ(h)juməˌnɔɪd//ˈhjuːmənɔɪd/


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    • A twenty-foot tall humanoid machine gently hissed as it continued along it's path.
    • His whole body was covered now, and all the priest could make out was a faceless, male humanoid form.
    • It speaks several languages to warn people that it's coming and going, but otherwise it's not very humanoid.
    • I silently got up to get it, and opened it up to see what appeared to be a green teenage dragon standing there in humanoid form.
    • A group of humanoid creatures was running towards us, with swords forged of black metal in each of their hands.
    • The body was furry, with humanoid proportions.
    • It took its corporeal form in the living room, disguised as a humanoid figure made of what could be described as a giant cotton ball.
    • Crowned by a woolly gray mane, it walked erect and emitted humanoid noises.
    • Built with a humanoid appearance, he had a bizarre sense of pride in his preciseness.
    • Here are a few companies that are coming close to building truly lifelike humanoid robots.
    • As the robber was talking, a vaguely humanoid figure leaped from the rooftop of the adjacent building and crept into the bank.
    • Its front legs were almost twice as long as its hind legs, which gave it a vaguely humanoid appearance.
    • The other two were attacked from behind by another humanoid creature.
    • Although some humanoid robots have been developed, the majority of participating teams currently resemble tin boxes on wheels.
    • As a child I saw these shows with humanoid animals and thought that's how life should be, rather than the way it was at school.
    • He could vaguely pick out a humanoid figure in the bright light.
    • It was fascinating, as lanky and serpentine as a snake, but with humanoid characteristics.
    • On the heels of the storm came a group of humanoid figures who were covered in hair and had horns, apparently led by headless mages armed with red swords.
    • As the image focused, he suddenly saw the object was a humanoid figure.
    • A hairy, humanoid brute with a spiked club crushed it to the ground.


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    humanoide masculine
    • They were grossly deformed hairless humanoids.
    • Those few brave souls, trying to buy time for their families to flee with their lives, were quickly cut down or overrun by the scores of humanoids that ran wildly through the streets.
    • Five years ago, you would not have mistaken them for anything but humanoids.
    • This could of course, be asked about any number of viviparous humanoids.
    • Suddenly, a group of humanoids blocked their way.
    • The humanoids were holding a young girl between them.
    • According to anthropologists this is where man's ancestors, the first upright-walking humanoids, came into being some 3.5 million years ago.
    • Without a signal, the ring of humanoids began to dance.
    • Many dwarves were slain, but so were the humanoids.
    • We feel death in these shows in ways we don't in the rubbery cartoon world of humanoids that comprises the Hollywood epic and action film.
    • The people on the ship deck were short stocky humanoids.
    • By this time they will have seen, I suppose, roughly 30,000 killings of humans, humanoids and beasts, half of which they will have carried out themselves.
    • He also keeps an eye on a small group of humanoids who represent the pinnacle of genetic programming.
    • All around him were life forms from across the galaxy; humans, humanoids, insectoids, reptilianoids, and others best left unmentioned.
    • These are guarded by massive metallic humanoids, who hold many weapons in their eight limbs, some identifiable as swords and axes and others too fantastical to guess at.
    • I began to think I was looking at a mating ritual carried out by aliens, or humanoids in a prehistoric colony.
    • These visitors also have with them some docile humanoids.
    • Within a day or two, a few miles from the debris field, the main body of the flying saucer was found, and a mile or two from that several bodies of small humanoids were found.
    • Despite the best efforts of our targeting computer it was notoriously difficult to hit the nimble humanoids, and with every second that passed the robots bounded ever closer.
    • The Neandertals, stocky and intelligent humanoids, lived in Europe and Western Asia for thousands of years before the first humans settled in the area.