Translation of humid in Spanish:


húmedo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈhjuːmɪd//ˈ(h)juməd/


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    (air/day/weather) húmedo
    it's very humid today hoy está muy húmedo / hay mucha humedad
    • His comeback was interrupted by the humid conditions in Kuala Lumpur which sparked an electrical storm.
    • Try placing a bowl of water in the room to make it more humid which can relieve a cough.
    • They occur as humid air twists upwards from warm sea water into cooler air above.
    • In humid environments, the soil may become saturated and rainfall cannot enter the ground surface.
    • Last year at the same time the temperature in Korea was in the high 80s and it was very humid and sticky.
    • It was very hot out, and humid as well, so the cool water that embraced her was a relief.
    • It must be used soon after it is made, as it rapidly softens and becomes sticky, especially in humid weather.
    • This has brought warm and humid southerly winds, while high above the UK the air is relatively cold.
    • Angry shouts and cries filled the humid air, already heavy with a strong saturation of blood.
    • The weather has been very hot today, almost too hot in that it is sticky and very humid.
    • The southern swamplands have the lowest rainfall but are humid and oppressive all year.
    • Less humid climates coincide with low sea levels and warm / humid climates with high sea levels.
    • It's been hot and humid today, with sunshine powerful enough to burn unprotected skin.
    • It was an inhospitable house: cold and damp in the winter, humid in the summer.
    • The rainy season is over, with its dull, monotonous grey skies and unpleasant humid rain.
    • We might need to move them later, but at least they're now out of the hot and humid atmosphere of the sun room.
    • Create a humid atmosphere for house plants by lining the bath with capillary matting.
    • I put them in a clear plastic bag to give them a humid atmosphere, and that seems to have helped.
    • It was one of those heavy, humid evenings when you never quite know whether it will pour or the sun will break through.
    • Because if it is, then I can confirm that it's not just relatively humid, but very humid.