Translation of humidity in Spanish:


humedad, n.

Pronunciation /(h)juˈmɪdədi//hjʊˈmɪdɪti/


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    humedad feminine
    • The city had a foggy appearance from the heat and humidity.
    • They worked on everything from diet and tactics, to playing in heat and humidity and dealing with play-acting opponents or suspect officiating.
    • Seems we're two of a kind, Dolly and me, both loving the sunshine and the long, langourous days of summer, and both of us loathing the heat and humidity.
    • Of course, keeping beautiful amid the heat and humidity is no easy task, so the Shanghai Star brings you some new and effective ways to help you look your best in the hot weather.
    • The stuffiness was a result of subterranean humidity.
    • Given their concerns about long flights and humidity, I think our patients should consider the Mediterranean, which is wondrous in June.
    • Just how much of an influence will the heat and humidity be?
    • The humidity dampens the desire to move, motivation of any kind thoroughly drenched by the onslaught of heavy tropical rain.
    • The humidity is the thing that bothers me the most though!
    • But getting used to the heat and humidity is taking longer that I expected.
    • This time around, we ventured south to experience the heat and humidity that only Washington, DC can provide.
    • Significantly, he is unconcerned by the expected humidity.
    • A second set of symptoms is associated with humidity.
    • I'm not a big fan of heat or humidity, even though I've lived all my life in Brisbane, and it's even less enjoyable after an overnight flight.
    • The film's visual art is immersive: I'm not sure that any other Los Angeles movie has better evoked the city's humidity.
    • Intense heat and humidity, coupled with painful swollen feet which was a side effect of surgery, meant I could complete only four of the gruelling seven days walking.
    • It was no surprise then when I opened the doors of my cottage at the homestay to be confronted by air thick with humidity.
    • Last night a combination of work colleagues passing off responsibilities and humidity meant that at 2.30 I was awake, fully conscious and alert.
    • Allergies, humidity and a night plagued by bad dreams have all conspired to lead me to post a repeat here this morning.
    • The heart problem began three years ago, she said, when he had a heart attack, but he was also sensitive to humidity as he suffered from pleurisy in his youth.