Translation of humiliate in Spanish:


humillar, v.

Pronunciation /(h)juˈmɪliˌeɪt//hjʊˈmɪlɪeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Besides, Dad will arrive, humiliate me in front of everyone there, and drag me home again.
    • It was just me and him there, so there was no one to humiliate me in front of.
    • There was just no way was I letting this chick humiliate me in front of my own fans.
    • I have no desire to anger anyone, frustrate anyone or humiliate anyone.
    • If I'm out in public with a woman who is doing her best to embarrass or humiliate me, I'll walk away.
    • I've known my friend for a long time, but she humiliates me in front of my other friends.
    • She efficiently humiliates the girls, initiating a reign of abuse which gradually erodes their characters.
    • I could sense the pleasure as they humiliated me in front of my classmates.
    • I was completely humiliated in front of people who had no right to do so.
    • Ever since then he has made it his mission to embarrass and humiliate women as much as possible.
    • For instance, there is one scene where the old factory worker is humiliated in front of his son by the boss.
    • Look at the way they humiliate people going about their jobs, including women.
    • As far as I am aware, humiliating your colleagues in public is not the best way to foster team spirit.
    • Women were humiliated and brutalised as part of a campaign to demean their ethnicity.
    • The fact that you take care of me doesn't give you the right to humiliate me.
    • But that didn't give him any right to scream at me and humiliate me in front of my own friends.
    • They stripped him of his dignity and tried humiliating him by showing him throughout the world.
    • ‘I know,’ she said, ‘and you can't imagine how that humiliates me.’
    • They humiliated Brian, subjecting him to a torrent of physical and emotional abuse.
    • He humiliates Billy by making him beg for time off work.