Translation of humility in Spanish:


humildad, n.

Pronunciation /hjʊˈmɪlɪti//(h)juˈmɪlədi/


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    humildad feminine
    • If the system was being managed with humility and dignity people could face the end reassured and at peace.
    • I think we all have to be humble and you have to have humility because things can change so fast in life.
    • His down to earth humility endeared him to all and his good deeds were many down through the years.
    • There is a compassionate side, a side that shows a lot of humility, and that is why he is as good as he is.
    • As for the poor themselves, they should accept their allotted rank with humility.
    • He can engage anyone for hours in conversation with his simplicity and humility.
    • I am lucky to have got the kind of parents I have who have always taught me humility.
    • Cynics will say that Henry has a lot to be humble about - but humility is no bad thing.
    • The appropriate reaction to such a man consists in awe and reverence and humility rather than contempt.
    • He is intelligent, engaging and nimbly treads the line between humility and false modesty.
    • The humility in her woeful eyes almost disclaims the homespun excellence of her clothes.
    • And like his nephew, in upbringing he was clearly taught the value of humility and decency.
    • The church is always linked with humility and a place where people seek solace.
    • One is sure to become his ardent admirer for his humility, his performance and his good manners.
    • Yet, he has always carried the Indian badge with pride and his genius with humility.
    • The great thing about human problems is that they bring out compassion and humility.
    • He is a man of modesty and humility above all else, and is obviously passionate about sport.
    • Whether he truly believes it or not, he continues to project humility and the essence of a job only half done.
    • He put his heart into everything he attempted, ready to accept his many successes with humility.
    • It is beautiful out here and it is with a great deal of humility that I continue my journey.