Translation of humour in Spanish:


noun & transitive verb


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    • I had always figured he humored me while I chattered away so he could take some more pictures.
    • I assume you are referring to our inclusion of humor and attempted humor in our public speeches.
    • ‘Well, that's always good to hear,’ the nurse said, humoring me.
    • I humoured him, not attempting to put his illusions straight.
    • ‘We put out a variety of quality humor on a consistent basis,’ he said.
    • You're right,’ she said, humoring him with an indulgent smile.
    • I've met one other person in my life who has related to this, although actually with hindsight I think she might just have been humouring me.
    • Fisher himself is well equipped with sharp observational humour and precision comic timing.
    • Not that I don't like talking to you, but I always feel like you're just humoring me when you listen to me rave about this show or that show.
    • One of her enduring contributions may be to bring humor to this tight-lipped literature.
    • They have the characteristics of honesty and humour and they speak to audiences at their level, not from on high.
    • But the old man seemed to have made up his mind, and so, to humor him, he did as he wished.
    • I'll just humour him for the 7 days and then we can get back to normal!
    • Of all the recent attempts to tread this fine line between quality and humor, he does it better than almost anyone.
    • What made all this watchable, indeed endearing, was a constant thread of humour and the quality of the writing and acting.
    • You never quite get the feeling they're interested, they always seem to be doing it to humour you.
    • They are full of raw Taiwanese humor and literary surprises.
    • They remain a benchmark of quality for British humour.
    • If a speaker does use humor in a speech, make certain the story, anecdote or joke is surefire funny with all listeners.
    • Gone were the days of situational comedy when humour formed an integral part of the plot of the movie.
    • I can't really understand the distinct aversion felt by the three persons who humored me by coming along.
    • The women looked at the photograph, but you could see they were just humouring him.
    • Full of its characteristic humour and human drama, the series takes the gang from Middlesbrough to Arizona.
    • More recently, there has been interest in comics, humour, and folktales.
    • I feel like I'm the only girl on the boy's team and they're humouring me.
    • When I get upset, people humor me and tell me it's okay - that I'll get over it.
    • A jovial person, his speeches are peppered with humour.
    • His was a speech laced with much humour and more than a little self-deprecation.
    • He doesn't need notes because he knows what he's talking about, and he can invest his speech with humor on the spot.
    • Well, I'm trying to justify the money we spent tonight, so humor me.
    • We both have a good sense of humour and we try to find humour in everything so I guess that comes out in the music.
    • His manner was friendly, and I decided to humour him.
    • If a comic can find humour in broken limbs, then why not in mental illness, too?
    • To humour him I used that term throughout the interview.
    • However, it's possible they were just humoring me.
    • But we humoured him, since he spoke our sort of language.
    • She humored me and encouraged me nonstop, and I shall always be indebted to her.
    • The result is a record with remarkable perspective, full of honesty, humor and beauty.
    • I know this is an old chestnut, written by loads of people ad infinitum but for now humour me.
    • Those movies were exciting, full of humour, suspense and great characters - everything this film lacks.