Translation of hump in Spanish:


joroba, n.

Pronunciation /həmp//hʌmp/


  • 1

    (of camel) joroba feminine
    (of camel) giba feminine
    (of person) joroba feminine
    (of person) chepa feminine Spain
    • They have a slender body with a low dorsal hump and no dorsal fin.
    • Appropriately named, the humpback chub has a small head and snout, a streamlined gray body streaked with silver, and a prominent hump along its back.
    • The wild Bactrian camel has longer legs, lighter fur, and smaller humps than domesticated camels have.
    • He provides a sketch of a creature with the head of an elephant, a fishlike body with a camel hump, four legs like a lion, and a forked tail like a fish.
    • Instead of a dorsal fin they have a prominent dorsal hump about two-thirds of the way down their back.
    • His body was hunched over painfully, creating a hump at the back of his neck.
    • There is often a prominent hump in front of the dorsal fin.
    • An Asian camel with two humps can go only for a few days and would not last in Sinai conditions.
    • The other is a deformed little man with a big hump on his back and oily black hair.
    • The older members of the herd have full sets of antlers and prominent wooly humps, but they only walk.
    • The people of Arabia used to cut off the humps of camels or the fat part of the sheep while still alive.
    • Aging camels may be slaughtered for their meat, especially when guests are expected for a celebration, and the fatty camel's hump is considered a delicacy.
    • These adverse events include acne, easy bruising, moon face, swollen ankles, hirsutism, buffalo hump, and skin striae.
    • He snorted indignantly, and walked away across the tram rails, his hump quivering with rage.
    • During such times they live mainly off the fat stored in their humps.
    • One of this animal's distinguishing features is the saddle-like hump on its back.
    • Now, instead of the point, there are two round humps separated by a trough, like a camel's hump.
    • Before beginning to walk, a baby with achondroplasia often develops a small hump on his upper back.
    • In Indian waters the marine mammals display spotted skin and grow smaller humps.
    • Compared to the domestic Bactrian camel, the wild Bactrian is greyer, slimmer, and has smaller sized humps spaced more widely apart.
  • 2

    (in ground)
    montículo masculine
    • Thanks to a dry course, the ball landed on the downhill side of a grass hump and rolled 30 yards straight onto the green and into the cup.
    • Almost immediately, a sonar scan of the sea bed revealed a line of unnatural-looking humps, only 100 ft out from the shore - an obvious invitation to the divers.
    • There are certainly plenty of humps and dips, including deep valleys that correspond to several mass extinctions.
    • If one were to travel past the countless monolithic factories and coal pits of the world's main continent, and onto where the equator was once, one would find a small hump of earth.
    • The contouring of the fairways and greens is strong and the dramatic humps and hollows combined with the strategic design of the layout will present playing characteristics in a traditional links style.
    • There are multiple humps to get over, corners to putt round, small pipes to putt through and an impossible basket to putt into.
    • The Similans are granite humps which rise from the clear, tropical sea.
    • The smooth humps of downland suited his purpose.
    • But Mr Oswald said the breathtaking array of ditches, humps and bank was much more extensive than anyone had thought.
    • There must be something worth looking at in this huge expanse of dry puna that stretched away from us to some distant humps.
    • Gravel pathways winding over humps in the landscape, idyllic wooden bridges crossing twinkling streams here and there, all clothed in colourful vegetation.
    • From here there's a breathtaking view of the whale-like humps of the hills beyond Troutbeck, on the other side of the lake.
    • Field surveys were conducted to measure the heights and widths of humps.
    • After an overnight stay in the hut we made an early start by following a wildlife trail up a rocky hump on the east bank of the stream to the east of the hut.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (back) encorvar
    • Without further pause and again in silence, I hump my body up over the rock.
  • 2British informal

    • Personally it worked OK for me but I am reasonably fit and can hump my luggage about without too much trouble.
    • Does he ever feel like telling people to just hump off?
    • Everything had to be humped up and down countless stairs to get into the room - tables, chairs, the dozen or more boxes of crockery, all the catering equipment, and the well-stocked bar too.
    • Rather than just shuffle the new bottles in and let me hump them into the house, she asked me where I wanted them.
    • Don't be alarmed by the fat content of such food - you'll need plenty of fat, protein and carbohydrate fuel to hump your enormous pack up Mount Fuji.
    • And of course we never thought that some day we might have to hump the eighteen stone up Kilimanjaro.
    • We have set up tours, got work permits, worked out hotels and humped equipment for our artists.
    • Removals took one full day moving to and fro between the two houses with my two sons helping to hump the heavy stuff into and out of the van.
    • Heritage volunteers - many of them no longer in the prime of youth - literally humped everything up two flights of stairs in a bucket chain.
    • At least I no longer have to hump the zinc bath in from the backyard.
    • And the vandal humping various bags of concrete and heavy tools around in the middle of the night may also have been deterred by the sight of a uniform or two.
    • You are going to hump it around airport terminals, on and off trains and buses.
    • I don't drive, so the only way to get two big bags of compost and some plants home is to borrow a trolley and hump it up the hill!
    • It's very nice not to have to meet train or bus time tables, to hump baggage, nor to contend with taxi drivers taking you on a tour when your destination is just around the corner.
    • Huge tunas were humped off to local restaurants.
    • You really can't hump 50 lb rucksacks with a back problem, can you?
    • I take my bag and hump it out of the front of the station where the smart double-decker coach is awaiting us.
    • I saw one group of traders run off like a startled herd, humping their bags of bags, while three police, like a pack of hunting dogs, scragged the least nimble.
  • 3slang

    (have sex with)
    tirarse slang
    coger Mexico River Plate vulgar slang

intransitive verb


  • 1

    joder vulgar slang
    follar Spain vulgar slang
    coger Mexico River Plate Venezuela vulgar slang