Translation of hundredweight in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌndrədweɪt//ˈhəndrədˌweɪt/

plural noun

  • 1

    • There's been years when the price differential is $8 or $10 a hundredweight.
    • He had just unloaded his prize specimens for a quarter of that - and, in the village, had given away half a hundredweight to anyone who would have them.
    • The only exciting thing that happened all day was when the top came off the scaffolding tower, unbalanced by about a hundredweight of slate which had been injudiciously stacked all on the same side of its centre of gravity.
    • I remember once having to help carry a three hundredweight bag of wheat.
    • I guess that, since 1954, I have smoked more than a million cigarettes, at least 20,000 cigars, and perhaps a hundredweight of pipe tobacco.
    • Frank is pictured with a hundredweight of butter - or 224 packs - and that represents the weight he has shed in 12 months.
    • As a harsh winter lingered, blocking the trade routes to the territory, prices rose steadily and eventually reached a hundred dollars for a hundredweight of flour.
    • This massive stone is approximately six feet in length and weight at least five hundredweight.
    • Her dad may have owned the business, she says, but he still carried hundredweights of coal on his back.
    • Having not eaten bacon or burgers for years I now consume vegeburgers by the hundredweight.
    • He said the going rate for milk before the premium is about $15.21 a hundredweight.
    • Its crime, as the documentary points out, was that from first song to last, it got through three and a half hundredweight of black paint.
    • "I remember once having to help carry a three hundredweight bag of wheat.
    • The castings produced by them can vary in weight from ounces up to several hundredweights.
    • Ours weighed half a hundredweight with all the food and camping kit we had to carry with us.
    • This movement was transmitted to cranks on the rear wheel by connecting rods; the machine weighed almost exactly half a hundredweight and the physical effort required to ride it must have been considerable.
    • The staff are longing to sell the two hundredweight bags of sawdust that make up most of the stock, but the browsers go straight past those to stick their fingers in the reptile cage.
    • Allowance must even be made for the fact that the journey alone will knock a hundredweight off a horse.
    • With approximately 10 larks to the pound, three hundredweight would account for about 3360 birds being killed each day.
    • Four hundredweight in a one-horse cart was low in comparison with the weights carried by scheduled carriers but it is a plausible average to use for traffic on the rural roads of Cheshire.
    • For example, a dairy cooperative could have its financial data compared on a hundredweight basis.
    • It weighs about a hundredweight and it took two of us to get it back into place after it had been repaired.
    • The beekeeper added: ‘We know that 500,000 bees weigh about one hundredweight.’

    unidad de peso equivalente a 45,36kg. en EEUU y a 50,80kg. en RU