Translation of hunger in Spanish:


hambre, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəŋɡər//ˈhʌŋɡə/


  • 1

    (with masculine article in the singular) hambre feminine
    to die of hunger morirse de hambre
  • 2

    (strong desire)
    he had a hunger for learning tenía ansias / sed de aprender

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to hunger for or after sth estar sediento de algo literary
    • The consumer society hungers for the deviant and unexpected.
    • It's ironic that this apotheosis of flash over substance comes at a time when the public is hungering for greater perspective and deeper understanding.
    • He disbanded the group in 1982, hungering after a new direction and tired of the relentless pressure of his frontman role.
    • But humanity hungers for a sense of right and wrong, for some absolute moral values.
    • Sure, I wander around checking out the talent, but there really is no one special I'm hungering for.
    • Maybe it is a symptom that we are hungering for something different.
    • I looked over at Ethan, his eyes on me, a sudden flash of desire in his eyes, I knew he still hungered for me as my lips curled into a smile.
    • There are moments when it seems that a whole society, or the majority of a society is actually hungering for war.
    • Aye, he was a kind and strong leader, but he hungered after adventure and ran after it with haste.
    • Participation is what we were denied, and what we hungered for.
    • Maybe it's just that I don't hunger for films the way I do for books.
    • The 18-year-old clearly loves playing up to the audience, as a performer she consistently hungers for attention.
    • I've mentioned this before, but I am still hungering for an explanation.
    • Because, somehow, somewhere along the way, I stopped hungering for it.
    • It's not a spiritual experience anymore and that's what people hunger for.
    • The game that the comrades disapproved of because of its un-Soviet focus on the individual is ideal for an emerging nation, which hungers for new sports and new stars.
    • It hungers for change and progress, and some comics who are clearly on their way up can be hampered slightly if their show treads a little water this year.
    • He hungers for a goodness that continually eludes him.
    • Republicans tend to assume that everyone hungers for more investment accounts to handle.
    • Conspiracy is unnecessary when ideology hungers for power and its many adherents swarm of their own accord to the same pot of honey.
  • 2archaic

    (be hungry)
    estar hambriento
    tener hambre
    • Tell it to all those who hungered and thirsted and prayed and begged for help.
    • How many hungered, sickened or died as a result?
    • By analogy, a mother does not love her child because it hungers and cries, even though its crying makes new demands upon her love.