Translation of hurrah in Spanish:


¡hurra!, interj.


Pronunciation /hʊˈrɑː//həˈrɑ/

exclamation & noun

  • 1

    • Everyone ought to lead a parade once in their life, just to experience the curious sensation of marching down the middle of the street to cheers and hurrahs.
    • This means I can afford to buy the jeans I have been lusting after, hurrah!
    • And Vince is slowly but surely recovering - hurray!
    • A huge explosion of hoorays came from the inter-com.
    • Actually, the Italian Prime Minister deserves a double chorus of hurrahs!
    • Holiday plans to Spain were also discussed - hurrah!
    • There were roars, applause, hurrahs, horn-blowing and whistling when he finally got there.
    • They had disappeared when I went to bed last night, and I was like, hurrah!
    • But when you are woken up by jugglers throwing batons and chainsaws, and all the hurrahs, that gets a little annoying.
    • It's hoped that this will be an annual event - hurrah!