Translation of hurry in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhʌri//ˈhəri/


  • 1

    in all the hurry, I forgot my umbrella con el apuro, se me olvidó el paraguas Latin America
    • in her hurry to finish the work … con el apuro por terminar el trabajo …
    • what's the hurry? ¿qué apuro hay?
    • But, this one really helps explain the ridiculous hurry.
    • The usual hurry to get to work, usual rush to beat the peak time traffic, and usual eagerness to be part of the rat race.
    • Hungary's hurry is shared by the entire region.
    • More often than not, gift seekers step in and out of shops selling fancy wares, at the eleventh hour scratching their heads in confusion, not being able to choose anything in a state of hurry.
    • At this rate I won't be needing it in any huge hurry.
    • Before the gold rush, the only hurry was to condemn.
    • The hustle and hurry of the job persist in a surreal atmosphere of expectation and denial.
    • Immediately, the owner rushed over to her, stumbling in his hurry.

intransitive verb

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    (make haste)
    darse prisa
    apurarse Latin America
    there's no need to hurry no hay prisa
    • do hurry! ¡apúrate!
    • we had to hurry over our meal tuvimos que comer a toda prisa
    • Servants hurried past, attending to the figures in the water and carrying towels in their arms.
    • ‘I'll do it,’ Gabe said, scrambling to his feet and hurrying off to find extra blankets for their guests.
    • Claire shot a furious look at us through her tears before hurrying after her brother.
    • Antonio burst out of the lift, pushing past me and hurrying out with Chase, the two of them conferring rapidly.
    • He did not mind the opulence, the smoke that permeated the place or the servants that hurried to and fro.
    • They hurried along, the smack of their feet the only sound that echoed in the dank cavern.
    • Servants bustled around, hurrying to do his bidding because he had the right to lop off their heads if he had the mind to.
    • They reached the dining hall and the servant hurried ahead to push open the double doors for Cassara.
    • She turned and handed the cup to the servant who hurried to relieve the lady of this small burden.
    • Who was that strange looking lady with the colourful bonnet hurrying along the road and what was that peeping out of her basket?
    • Adults smile and wish each other well as they hurry along doing last-minute chores.
    • He whistled and a servant hurried out from behind the ladies and came down to the flagway to shield them.
    • The Duke shakily got to his feet, and he hurried out of the room, just as a servant and two guards entered.
    • The five children scrambled to their feet and hurried out of the tent leaving the men to talk.
    • In a flowing move he was on his feet and hurried over, ignoring the guards and grabbing my arm without any hesitation.
    • The tinkling of the platinum against the marble flagstones woke her from her daze and she scrambled to her feet and hurried after him.
    • He glanced over, his ears flicked up and he bounded to his feet to hurry over, then hesitated when he saw the two soldiers hovering at my shoulder.
    • She makes an impatient gesture and hurries away on plimsoled feet.
    • We see an anxious looking woman hurrying along a busy street.
    • The two guards walked into the room, with servants hurrying back and forth.
  • 2

    (move hastily)
    I hurried to correct the false impression they'd received me apresuré a corregir la idea falsa que se habían hecho
    • she hurried after him with his umbrella corrió tras él para devolverle el paraguas
    • he hurried in/out entró/salió corriendo
    • we hurried downstairs bajamos corriendo
    • hurry home, it's getting dark vete corriendo a casa, que se está haciendo de noche
    • I hurried to the window corrí a la ventana

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) meterle prisa a
    (person) apurar Latin America
    stop hurrying me no me metas prisa
    • she just won't be hurried con ella no hay prisas que valgan
    • he was hurried from the courtroom/to a waiting car se lo llevaron rápidamente / a toda prisa de la sala/a un coche que estaba esperando
    • extra police were hurried to the scene inmediatamente mandaron refuerzos al lugar de los hechos
    • to hurry sb into sth
    • I was hurried into that decision me hicieron tomar esa decisión precipitadamente
    • they were hurried into signing los apremiaron para que firmaran
  • 2

    (work) hacer apresuradamente
    (work) hacer a las carreras informal
    we had to hurry our meal tuvimos que comer de prisa / (informal) a las carreras
    • The modern tendency is to shorten everything - in cricket they're now claiming that one day is too long for a match and are trying to invent ways of hurrying it up.
    • After a few minutes hurried consultation, they rushed us into the operating theatre.
    • Being an impatient sort, I added water to hurry it along, but I think this stopped the sugar obtaining that lovely golden caramel colour.
    • He has suffered because anxiety has caused him to hurry his finishing efforts, a sure sign of a lack of confidence.
    • The hooded man seemed demanding and pressed the other man to hurry the search.
    • She realized the man was in some sort of rush so she had to hurry her pace to keep from losing him.
    • But he is inexperienced in big meets and tends to hurry his stroke when pressed.
    • Descending into the chamber she glanced quickly at the timer and made a mental note to hurry things up.
    • And if the world's longest album title was combined with the world's longest wait, well, you can't hurry art.
    • I don't think you are having an affair, unless it's a very hurried one.
    • Another factor pushed them to hurry the project: the need to get their ducks in a row before they ran out of time.
    • Slow down - the more you hurry a shot, the worse you will play leading to more tension and pressure.
    • But to the extent that we have any concern for international support, whether for its political or material value, hurrying the process will be costly.
    • Gents, much as I've enjoyed hearing you argue over the finer points of historical causality for the past several weeks, I need to hurry things along a bit.
    • The pressure will now be on Wallace from within his own party to hurry the issue forward, in order to reflect the wishes of his party members.
    • Do not try to hurry things, it will only frustrate.
    • He pushed the elevator button a few more times to hurry it up.
    • The only treatment possible is to hurry things along, and make them more complete.
    • Psychologists who study human anxiety say you should measure your regret and never hurry an apology.
    • If I was hosting the show I'd hurry things up so much I'd put unnecessary pressure on the contestant.