Translation of hurry in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈhəri//ˈhʌri/


  • 1

    tener apuro por + inf Latin America
    in all the hurry, I forgot my umbrella con la prisa, se me olvidó el paraguas
    • in a hurry
    • I'm in a hurry tengo prisa
    • they left in a hurry salieron apurados
    • he obviously wrote it in a hurry es obvio que lo escribió a las carreras
    • a young woman in a hurry una chica con ganas de llegar lejos
    • I won't go back there in a hurry no pienso volver a poner los pies allí
    • he won't try that again in a hurry no le va a quedar ni pizca de ganas de volver a hacerlo
    • I won't forget that in a hurry a mí eso no se me olvida así como así
    • to be in a hurry to + inf tener prisa por + inf
    • to be in a hurry for sth
    • in her hurry to finish the work ... con las prisas por terminar el trabajo ...
    • are you in a hurry for the copies? ¿te corren prisa las copias?
    • what's the hurry? ¿qué apuro hay?
    • More often than not, gift seekers step in and out of shops selling fancy wares, at the eleventh hour scratching their heads in confusion, not being able to choose anything in a state of hurry.
    • At this rate I won't be needing it in any huge hurry.
    • Immediately, the owner rushed over to her, stumbling in his hurry.
    • Before the gold rush, the only hurry was to condemn.
    • But, this one really helps explain the ridiculous hurry.
    • Hungary's hurry is shared by the entire region.
    • The usual hurry to get to work, usual rush to beat the peak time traffic, and usual eagerness to be part of the rat race.
    • The hustle and hurry of the job persist in a surreal atmosphere of expectation and denial.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make haste)
    darse prisa
    apurarse Latin America
    there's no need to hurry no hay apuro Latin America
    • do hurry! ¡apúrate!
    • we had to hurry over our meal tuvimos que comer a las carreras
  • 2

    (move hastily)
    I hurried to correct the false impression they'd received me apresuré a corregir la idea falsa que se habían hecho
    • she hurried after him with his umbrella corrió tras él para devolverle el paraguas
    • he hurried in/out entró/salió corriendo
    • we hurried downstairs bajamos corriendo
    • hurry home, it's getting dark vete corriendo a casa, que se está haciendo de noche
    • I hurried to the window corrí a la ventana

transitive verb

  • 1

    (person) meterle prisa a
    (person) apurar Latin America
    stop hurrying me no me apures Latin America
    • she just won't be hurried con ella no hay prisas que valgan
    • he was hurried from the courtroom/to a waiting car se lo llevaron rápidamente / a toda prisa de la sala/a un coche que estaba esperando
    • extra police were hurried to the scene inmediatamente mandaron refuerzos al lugar de los hechos
    • to hurry sb into sth
    • I was hurried into that decision me hicieron tomar esa decisión precipitadamente
    • they were hurried into signing los apremiaron para que firmaran
  • 2

    hacer apresuradamente
    hacer a las carreras informal
    we had to hurry our meal tuvimos que comer de prisa / a las carreras informal