Translation of hurt in Spanish:


Pronunciation /həːt//hərt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(cause pain)

      you're hurting her/me! ¡le/me estás haciendo daño!
      • my foot is hurting me me duele el pie
      • my feet are hurting me me duelen los pies
      • They would hurt you till you cry out then hurt you even worse so you are begging for the previous pain because it hurt less.
      • The pain is constant and hurts the worst where the object is pressing on your head.
      • Injuries may hurt but the pain of not being able to reach his own exacting standards would be harder to deal with.
      • Wow, I must have awesome pain tolerance if it hurts him that much.
      • The man, who was not wearing a cycle helmet, was seriously hurt, but his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.
      • Xander got up slowly, a terrible blazing pain hurting his left arm.
      • On top of that, they're going to get a lot of guys back defensively who have been hurt by nagging injuries.
      • I was scared at the start but after a while you get used to the pain - you hurt your shins all the time.
      • Strange as it seems, self-injurers feel little or no pain when they hurt themselves.
      • Adam pulled her down beside him and tried to turn toward her, but cried out in pain as he hurt his side.
      • Despite being seriously hurt, their injuries are not life-threatening, and their families are with them at the hospital.
      • You know the birth is going to hurt - more pain than you can ever imagine.
      • Not doing physical activity or trying to do too much can hurt chronic pain patients.
      • It was one of those spectacular injuries that doesn't hurt much but involves impressive blood loss that actually drips on to the ground.
      • The pain did not hurt him, rather it woke him up from a trancelike state of hopelessness.
      • The paramedic who rushed to the scene of the injury was himself hurt when a cupboard fell on his back while he was putting a fluid line into the hand of one of the injured shoppers.
      • The pain hurt Spinner, but his mind was in a daze so bad that he was almost numbed.
      • But I'm not into hurting him - inflicting pain is just not right for me.
      • The driver was badly hurt, but his injuries were not thought to be life-threatening.
      • His injuries hurt him, but one of them had to be able to walk out of there.

    • 1.2(injure)

      I hurt my ankle me lastimé el tobillo Latin America
      • 50 hurt in rail crash 50 heridos en accidente ferroviario
      • to hurt oneself lastimarse
      • to get hurt lastimarse
      • be careful! you'll hurt yourself ten cuidado, te vas a lastimar
      • I'm not badly hurt no me he hecho mucho daño
      • 50 passengers were badly hurt 50 pasajeros resultaron gravemente heridos
      • nobody got hurt a nadie le pasó nada

  • 2

    • 2.1(distress emotionally)

      I've been hurt too often me han hecho sufrir demasiadas veces
      • you're bound to get hurt terminarás sufriendo
      • their remarks hurt me deeply lo que dijeron me dolió / me lastimó mucho
      • I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings siento haberte ofendido
      • he didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings no quería herir susceptibilidades
      • He jumped about a foot into the air, startled that a girl he had hurt so badly in the past could still have any feelings for him.
      • Their paranoia is discrediting them, burning bridges, and hurting us.
      • It was always painful to hurt other people's feelings, and to destroy their hopes along with it.
      • It hurts me sore to say it, but, however she got there, we heard or saw nothing.

    • 2.2(affect adversely)

      it won't hurt him to have to cook his own breakfast no se va a morir por tener que prepararse el desayuno
      • Nonethless, it is still far too high, and the exchange rate is hurting NZ exporters.
      • Higher interest rates can hurt stocks because they raise the cost of borrowing to expand businesses and cut into corporate profits.
      • That will raise long-term rates, hurt Toronto's equity markets, and delay the recovery.
      • This may help the ecosystem, but it hurts the economy.
      • Economists and bankers say an increase in the prime rate will not hurt the economy.
      • Raising tax rates would hurt the expansion and weaken the incentives that drive long-term growth.
      • The attitudes encouraged by the drug trade also have hurt the economy.
      • Deficit budgeting has led to higher interest rates, hurting homebuyers and small businesses.
      • It is highly irresponsible, and hurting the world economy.
      • Of course, there's always a risk the markets will overdo it and push long-term interest rates too high, hurting the economy in the process.
      • It will hurt local business, according to a survey the newspaper conducted.
      • The water shortage hurts the local economy as well as growers.
      • Is the current gambling scandal hurting the economy?
      • While many in the country welcome this, some say in some way it's hurting the local industry.
      • So I guess we're only supposed to intervene when it will hurt our interests.
      • Raising rates now would hurt economic growth in the US and stifle the green shoots of recovery in Europe.
      • With employment, for example, there is a level of distress that hurts demand.
      • That's because low and falling utilization rates also hurt profit margins, not just once, but twice.
      • And a sharp spike in interest rates would hurt some homeowners who have just got their foot on the housing ladder.
      • But interestingly, not one of us was willing to argue that it hurts the interests of those it is intended to help.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (be source of pain)
    my leg/head hurts me duele la pierna/la cabeza
    • where does it hurt? ¿dónde le duele?
    • it hurts when I move it me duele cuando lo muevo
    • do your shoes hurt? ¿te hacen daño los zapatos?
    • this won't hurt a bit no te va a doler nada
    • the truth sometimes hurts a veces la verdad duele
    • it hurts to have to admit it, but I was in the wrong me cuesta admitirlo, pero estaba equivocado
    • The problem when you are injured is regaining strength - but your body hurts all the time and exercise causes even more pain.
    • His head felt like it was on fire, and his whole body hurt with a dull ache.
    • Her arm hurt, her stomach hurt, her face ached on both sides, and she tasted the salty sweetness of blood in her mouth.
    • She moaned in irritation as her eyes began to hurt, and the pain slowly returned to her body.
    • My chest hurts and my body feels canted at the wrong angle.
    • I laugh so hard my whole body starts hurting again, causing me to flinch.
    • My body hurts, but the coldness is so predominant that I don't care.
    • And his eyes were hurting, throbbing, burning when he looked at her.
    • My left shoulder had been hurting for a year since a bike accident.
    • My body hurts so much that I can barely hold myself upright.
    • Her ribs ached, her stomach hurt unmercifully, and her back was killing her.
    • His face was swollen, his nose hurt, his back ached, and his corn was bothering him.
    • Being ill sucks, I have a summer fluey/cold thing which is making my bones ache, and my head hurt and I am tired and falling asleep at the drop of a hat.
    • He was tired and his body was hurting all over, but he persevered.
    • My mom says it will hurt for about a week after the surgery.
    • My body hurts on every square inch of it, feeling as through I've had a million cuts made to me, every nerve crying out.
    • Players need to stretch out the parts of the body that hurt, relax and let the pulse rate drop.
    • Her stomach hurt, her head throbbed, and her hands felt clammy and cold.
    • He felt light headed and dizzy and his body was hurting.
    • Every muscle in your body hurts, and that I didn't enjoy at all.
  • 2

    (have adverse effects)
    shall we try again? it can't hurt ¿lo volvemos a intentar? no tenemos nada que perder
    • go on! one more glass won't hurt anda, no pasa nada si te tomas otra copa
    • it won't hurt to postpone it for a while no pasa nada si lo dejamos por el momento
    • it wouldn't hurt to water the plants occasionally! un poco de agua de vez en cuando no les vendría mal a las plantas
  • 3

    • 3.1informal (feel pain)

      I was hurting all over me dolía todo
      • he was still hurting after the divorce todavía estaba resentido por lo del divorcio
      • she was still hurting for him seguía echándolo de menos
      • If I do it right now it'll just be a case of lashing out while I'm hurting, wanting other people to hurt too - and that's not my style.
      • The desperate need for attention is obviously overwhelming and I hurt for kids like this.
      • However, it is two hours into the program and a recurring trend is that these people are hurting as badly as any progressives are in this country.
      • A lot of people are hurting because of this sad decision.
      • However it took a few seconds before I remembered why I was hurting so badly.
      • We were hurting badly and I wanted to know how Paul was feeling because he had missed the decisive penalty.
      • We realise, these people are hurting, they've lost their mother.
      • Right now, his sister was hurting badly and it made him want to cry too.
      • He replied sternly, but his voice indicated how badly he was hurting.
      • People are hurting and they are told relentlessly day in and day out that liberals from big cities are the ones inflicting the pain.
      • This state of affairs is very, very sad with many people hurting and, indeed, becoming disillusioned.
      • If one person was hurting, he or she could pretty much count on having a good 4 or 5 people sticking close and offering an ear or a shoulder.
      • I mean, some people are hurting out there, and they need the money, and they should go ahead and accept it and move on.
      • Understanding how much another person hurts emotionally is good and bad.
      • At least in there she knew she could never hurt as badly as she had last night.
      • They hurt for the wounded and the dead but they are eager to continue to attack.
      • I think I have to be more prepared to let go and let people hurt on their own.
      • We cannot continue to turn a blind eye or ear and pretend that all is well when many people are hurting and yearning for help.
      • She was hurting, badly, and if she stayed the whole time, well that was just going to be a shock.
      • She would never let it show to anyone how she really felt, no-one knew just how badly she was hurting inside, not even her closest friends knew the half of it.

    • 3.2US informal (suffer adverse effects)

      to be hurting estar pasándola / pasándolo mal informal


  • 1

    dolor masculine
    pena feminine
    • But, in between, there were dozens and dozens of people who showed every sign of genuine hurt and incomprehension.
    • One of the most painful ways to wound your partner with guilt is to bring up past hurts and wrongs.
    • Joey felt a pang of hurt at the mention of Lauren's name, but she contained herself.
    • He was remembering hurts, and feeling new pains.
    • I look like a cool and chilled person, but I gathered all my past hurt while acting.
    • Careseekers come for help with a load of experiences, stresses, new and old hurts, anxieties and questions.
    • The judge told him that personal hurt is no reason to break the law.
    • There are so many people around the world who are reliving their hurt.
    • However, I've learnt from my experiences and my hurts, and I've come to the conclusion that I want to try something different.
    • Besides, the last comment he bestowed upon her still caused small pangs of hurt, though he probably did not care.
    • Elsie didn't feel sad at those words, nor did she feel a pang of hurt.
    • This helps to protect people from the intense hurt of the loss.
    • My concern is that it would harm our relationship by causing hurt or confused feelings.
    • Are responses that are more traumatic related to previous hurts, the couples' dynamic, the nature of the infidelity, or some other issue?
    • He felt a pang of hurt and shock, to think that his sis, the one person he could always trust, wouldn't tell him when the wake was.
    • They will never see their marriage discussed, or their hurts and pains made public.
    • Nicholas sighed lightly and let his gaze fall to the ground, trying not to show his hurt at how distant she was becoming.
    • If there was nothing else that his life had taught him, it was that being distrustful was the only way he could survive amidst endless hurts and pain.
    • I got in the shower, the hot water seemed to away a tiny bit of my stress and hurt, though not much.
    • It's extremely difficult to do, and I think that one of the reasons that people tend to hold on to their hurts or to their upsets is that it does require giving up part of yourself.
  • 2

    where's the hurt? ¿dónde te has hecho nana? Southern Cone child language
    • Actual bodily harm is any hurt or injury calculated to interfere with the health and so called comfort of the victim and must be more than merely trivial or transient.
    • He tried reaching over to his right pocket but any shift in his position now meant a world of hurt from his open wounds.
    • Of course the main section of bullying would have to be physical hurt of others.
    • While there was undoubtedly physical hurt, it is the psychological damage that rankles most.
    • The physical hurt includes a couple of broken legs.
    • On Monday, a mystery blast on the capital's main street inflicted direct physical hurt on more than a dozen people.
    • Have compassion for all beings, causing them no unnecessary hurt, nor needless harm.
    • All this hurt and harm in the name of God can hardly be described as a Christian approach.
    • The hurt or injury need not be serious or permanent but must be more than trifling or transient.
    • Surely, innocent victims who suffer lifelong injuries should receive proper compensation for the hurt and injury.
    • It is to Nicola's eternal credit that her main concern was that those with her in the salon had managed to dash to safety and escape physical hurt.
    • As one correspondent puts it, the message that hurt does not mean harm needs reinforcing.


  • 1

    (finger/foot) lastimado
    she was badly hurt resultó gravemente herida
  • 2

    (pride/feelings) herido
    (expression/tone) dolido
    to feel/be hurt sentirse/estar dolido