Translation of husband in Spanish:


marido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhəzbənd//ˈhʌzbənd/


  • 1

    marido masculine
    esposo masculine
    they are husband and wife están casados
    • He'll turn out to be a great father and a great husband.
    • She has been locked in a bitter battle with her former husband over access to their eight-year-old daughter.
    • I was a mother, I had been a wife, but my husband was gone and most of my children had left home.
    • They obtained letters attesting to her good character and to the often-violent disposition of her late husband Eric.
    • The first shock was learning that my husband was gravely ill.
    • Lots of husbands and wives have their own special song that reminds them of each other.
    • Her husband, Curtis, died in 1994.
    • A notable painter in her own right, her experiments with light, rhythm, and abstract form influenced her husband.
    • I run a high-tech company with my husband.
    • Dave and Paula will be appearing on a show devoted to wives telling how their husbands have developed obsessions.
    • Unfortunately, she lost her husband to cancer.
    • Since my husband is a builder, we decided to build a house for ourselves instead.
    • My husband thought he could strip the rotten shingles off the steep roof himself.
    • He is a husband of 13 years and a father of three children.
    • As she walked away, talking quietly to her husband, I couldn't help but feel a bit envious.
    • For me, it's about being a better husband, a better father, a better employer.
    • My husband has added many pots of flowers and foliage to the existing garden.
    • A husband and wife have realised their dreams after taking over a former night club.
    • I rode with my husband, Bob, on an emergency call the other evening.
    • In such households husbands are often abroad for long periods.

transitive verb


  • 1

    (resources) administrar
    (strength) dosificar
    • He must sometimes wonder if he should have husbanded support more carefully against the inevitable election defeat.
    • They're husbanding those funds for use in the future.
    • ‘As a sport it teaches you a huge amount of self control in actually husbanding your strength and learning to keep your temper when provoked by a bad fencer,’ she says.
    • It has husbanded its cash because of the many woes suffered by hoteliers since 2001.
    • The Army's leaders so prized this book, out of print copies were husbanded by career officers.
    • They have also argued that they are husbanding their energies and resources for the next general election.
    • If I have an evening performance, I slow down during the afternoon and start husbanding my energy.
    • The battalion 600 yards behind us, a support group husbanding tons of gasoline and ammo, began shooting.
    • Like their counterparts here, following a very brief pioneering stage, they spend most of their time fencing, feeding, husbanding scarce water and grass supplies and watching the market.
    • While some players were tapping deep into their reserves, those with pretensions to the title were husbanding their resources in preparation for the second week.
    • Who is responsible and accountable for husbanding the bank's highly geared capital?
    • After all, management teams have clear responsibility for ensuring capital is effectively husbanded.
    • Water is the source of life, more precious than gold, to be carefully husbanded.
    • We support these proposals as important steps in a new awareness that the planet's most precious resource must be husbanded in the 21st century.
    • As gatekeepers, general practitioners are accustomed to husbanding the scarce resources of the NHS, and this might look like a logical extension of their role.
    • The Financial Services Authority has a statutory remit to coax punters into greater awareness about husbanding their dosh.
    • Far too many institutions husbanded their cash resources for sunnier days, complacently believing that the time would come when wonderful buying opportunities would be there for the taking at their leisure.
    • It is reassuring to know that the Scottish Executive husbands the expenditure it makes on our behalf so wisely.
    • He husbanded his strength whenever he could.
    • Obviously, when it comes to the Party footing the bill, the costs are so high that it will always seem that the resources are better husbanded for the high election season.