Translation of hush in Spanish:


silencio, n.

Pronunciation /hʌʃ//həʃ/


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    silencio masculine
    a hush fell over the gathering se hizo silencio en la reunión
    • Silence descended on a village school when pupils held a sponsored hush for charity.
    • A hush descended on the crowd as the village chief began to speak.
    • A complete hush enveloped the Great Hall of St. James' Palace.
    • As a hush descended he looked visibly shaken.
    • When the lights go down, the silence is deep and immediate, a reverential hush.
    • By this point, a hush had fallen over the standing-room only bus crowd, mostly composed of giggling school kids and sullen working poor on their way to the salt mines.
    • The hush quietens to a silence; pins dropping would be like crashing cymbals.
    • There was a hush of silence as the maddening enchantments ceased, faces all around waiting for the next sign of what should happen, what confirmation to the miracle would be shown to them.
    • At the same time a complete hush fell, the birds stopped singing, cows and sheep became quiet and all of us, hundreds of individuals fell silent.
    • Aside from the TV, a hush had descended upon the room.
    • A palpable hush descended on the hundreds of spectators as they waited for the Bentley to stop and for the Queen to emerge to begin her walkabout.
    • There was a hush and then a cry of joy from the guests: ‘Popcorn!’
    • A nervous hush descended on the famous patch of turf as the sisters went through their warm-up routine.
    • Sara emerged at the top of the stairs and a hush fell over the room.
    • It was almost romantic here, with only bits of bird song and twigs crunching underfoot to break the hush.
    • When the lights dimmed shortly before 8 p.m., and the music rose, a hush descended upon the audience.
    • A hush settled over the crowd and she spoke into rapt silence, no longer being viewed as the one on trial.
    • A hush descends as the band announces the imminent entry of the first bull.
    • The man waved his hand, ordering for silence and an immediate hush covered the room.
    • ‘Oh,’ said the Examining Magistrate as a hush fell upon the room.

transitive verb

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    (quieten) hacer callar
    (calm down) calmar
    hush! someone's coming! ¡shh! / ¡chitón! ¡viene alguien!
    • She automatically wrapped her arms around me and rubbed my back, hushing me in a soothing way.
    • I hushed him, pressing my finger to his lips, and shook my head.
    • The announcement hushed the crowd but soon the hubbub returned and the misfortune was forgotten.
    • The lady sitting next to me is hushing her crying baby by singing to her in what sounds like Russian.
    • When he saw that I was about to speak, he hushed me with a finger to my lips.
    • I slowly pulled away, then start to apologize but she placed her finger on my lips to hush me.
    • She stroked me lightly on my head, hushing me and telling me how strong I had been.
    • You may not hush people or impinge their enjoyment in any manner.
    • She hushes him, saying he is too sick to talk, and begins to cry.
    • The people around the village began to take notice, hushing children and pushing them back into their small houses that were made out of patched mud and straw.
    • He covered her mouth with his, hushing her lovingly.
    • The size of the room and the scale of the monuments stuns and hushes the visitor.
    • The headmaster of the school hushed the children, led a short prayer and started the assembly.
    • The priest hushes him with a frown: ‘Quiet, this is a church.’
    • My mom wrapped her arms around me cradling me, hushing me.
    • Right as I opened my mouth to deny this, she put a finger to my lips, hushing me.
    • I trace a finger on his lips, hushing him soothingly.
    • When my grandpa first started talking about his own death, I hushed him and told him not to worry.
    • I continued to listen and hushed you and your toddler banter, as we made our way to your school.
    • He hushed her, placing a finger to her lips, and it effectively quieted her.

intransitive verb

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