Translation of hush-hush in Spanish:


super secreto, adj.

Pronunciation /hʌʃˈhʌʃ//ˈˌhəʃ ˈˌhəʃ/



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    super secreto informal
    • We have a great theme going, but I can't post it on the blog, cos everything has to be hush-hush till the last moment.
    • The top-secret project was so hush-hush they were barred from even taking photographs.
    • We didn't know where we were going to, it was very hush-hush.
    • Negotiations are underway with the province about new powers for the city, but it is being kept so hush-hush, one can only assume another opportunity is being missed.
    • I put the photos away and I conduct a very hush-hush surveillance.
    • ‘It's such a hush-hush situation that only involves family members most of the time, so victims don't feel they can get help,’ she said.
    • The subjects of hush-hush all-girls' conversations were now discussed in the open.
    • The hush-hush epic will be screened this autumn.
    • A lot of the game world is top secret and hush-hush.
    • You may see a slight hush-hush raise in taxes and perhaps a slight improvement in some social services but probably not the ones you'll actually use.
    • ‘There was nothing written down, nothing traceable,’ one source close to the hush-hush negotiations explained last night.
    • It gives them a real lift and we had to keep it a bit hush-hush to stop the entire hospital coming down here.
    • Of course it was all kept hush-hush, because we did not want to tell the Germans they had had a success.
    • Main is also working on a hush-hush project involving a Scottish-based online games business and a couple of high-profile sports journalists.
    • Adoption is no longer a hush-hush affair and there are even those who are willing to consider it an alternative to biological parenthood.
    • Yeah, I'm working on something, but right now I've got to keep it hush-hush.
    • The big name acts are pretty hush-hush at the moment, but the line-up is guaranteed to read like the who's who of Aussie music.
    • ‘There are a few people who are interested, but it's all hush-hush,’ one said this week.
    • She lost 25 pounds, but was able somehow to keep her illness hush-hush from almost everyone, including her three sons.
    • Now, these were supposed to be very hush-hush talks.