Translation of hushed in Spanish:


silencioso, adj.

Pronunciation /hʌʃt//həʃt/


  • 1

    (atmosphere/crowd) silencioso
    in hushed tones en murmullos
    • Some of the world's greatest living conductors still speak my name with hushed reverence.
    • There is a hushed and unhurried atmosphere, broken only by the chiming of the antique clock.
    • She spoke in a hushed voice and was quite serious.
    • Before she could scream, the figure spoke to her, not in the usual whisper but still in a hushed voice.
    • They were tucked in one of the millions of tiny nooks that filled the school, whispering in hushed voices.
    • No other singer could bring an entire room to a painfully hushed standstill just by performing this one number.
    • People talk in hushed voices around it and you probably won't be allowed to touch it.
    • I was 10 years old when he died and - I learned from hushed conversations - my family was worried.
    • For a long time, life went on as before, and the conversation promised in hushed voices on the airplane never took place.
    • It was a very quiet, very hushed voice, and it sounded a little bit squeaky.
    • She curtsied to him lightly, her whispering skirts the only sound in the hushed room, and sat.
    • The piano returns accompanied this time by vocals rendered in something between a whisper and a hushed conversation.
    • Taking the heavy door of the theater in his hand, Michael extends his arm in a great arc as if to slam it with a force that would send shakes through the hushed room.
    • I don't need the somber faces in our hushed conference room to tell me what it's about.
    • The hallway was buzzing with murmurs and hushed voices.
    • The uproarious bun throwing and surreptitious chatting up of 18th century public spaces gave way to the hushed cathedral of the 19th century concert hall.
    • I am not sure how long we remain like that, exchanging soft words in hushed conversation, faces close and eyes locked.
    • Museums, too, have been transformed from hushed halls of inanimate objects and glass cases into spaces where unexpected things happen.
    • I've grown used to the sound of crushed, hushed voices on the end of the phone.
    • Nothing is more suspicious than two people looking at you and talking in hushed voices.
    • The hushed reading rooms that feel cool even on a hot day, the murmuring quiet broken only by occasional whispering, and browsers lost in dark book stacks.
    • In one corner, two people were talking in hushed voices.
    • The attack on Mrs Keegan was recorded on tape after she managed to press a panic button and it was played to a hushed courtroom.
    • Walking up the ramp, Ian was aware of the whispering sound of hundreds of hushed voices, but was unable to distinguish any individual words.
    • ‘Galleries are often hushed spaces where people feel slightly unrelaxed,’ she says.
    • Soon enough, the soft sound of footsteps gave way to hushed voices.
    • The only sound was the whisper of their hushed voices.
    • There were hushed voices and the smell of disinfectant.
    • There were Isaac and Zach, conversing in hushed voices.
    • The restaurant itself was very intimate - dimmed lights, candles, columns with vines, and an all-around hushed atmosphere.
    • Sure enough, as I enter the kitchen, the door to the conservatory is slightly ajar and I can hear his smooth, deep voice in hushed conversation on the telephone.
    • They filed in with hushed voices and stifled winces as they bumped into the seats laid out for them.