Translation of husk in Spanish:


cáscara, n.

Pronunciation /hʌsk//həsk/


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    (of wheat, rice) cáscara feminine
    (of wheat, rice) cascarilla feminine
    (of wheat, rice) cascabillo masculine
    (of maize) chala feminine
    (of maize) farfolla feminine Spain
    • Lemurs, a group of primates on the African island of Madagascar, go after a wide range of seeds, including big fleshy seeds encased in a husk.
    • It is abundantly available as it forms 70 per cent of the weight of the coconut husk.
    • Although true psyllium comes from the plant Plantago psyllium, the husk and seed of Plantago ovata is commonly referred to as psyllium.
    • Trials ended after 3 min of foraging or 1 min after all the birds flew back to their perches, after which the remaining seeds and husks were removed.
    • In the fall, plants produce and discard gorgeous seeds, seed pods, husks, and pinecones.
    • The beer is then left to ferment for twenty four hours before the mix is strained through an empty cotton bag to remove the solid husks of the seeds.
    • It contains all parts of the grain - the bran, the outer husk and the germ.
    • Coir is a coarse fibre obtained from coconut husks and used in the manufacture of rope and other products.
    • Here, however, there was nothing; no birds flying overhead, no rodents, no chewed branches or seed husks, no droppings of any kind.
    • Harvest them when the fruit fills the husk but is still firm and green.
    • The trio wanted to show Haitians to cook with briquettes, thick donut-shaped disks made by mixing water, paper, twigs, leaves, corn husks and other waste.
    • No, you can't just grind the entire pod, but an initial pounding in a mortar will loosen the seeds from the papery husk.
    • Not to mention that the Samoan twins had grown fat on coconut husks and melons in his absence.
    • While the chicken is cooking make the spice paste, first crushing the cardamom pods, discarding the green husks and crushing the black seeds to a powder using a pestle and mortar.
    • The fruit of the coconut tree includes the buoyant husk surrounding the coconut, which helps the seeds float downstream and spread the tree's offspring far and wide.
    • This mixture includes soil, burned husks, plants from the legume family, fresh leaves, a byproduct of milled rice, and manure.
    • Unlike the forest floor, where twigs and seed husks are readily available, researchers placed white disks around the environment.
    • For example, the fruit of pomegranate, having its husk filled with numerous fleshy seeds, became a symbol of fertility.
    • It is like the dry husks of seeds or the even drier riverbed.
    • She uses real leaves, seeds, husks and pods, building on their natural form and texture and drenching them in colour.

transitive verb

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    (rice/wheat) descascarillar
    (wheat/rice) descascarar
    (maize) quitarle la chala a
    (maize) quitarle la farfolla a Spain
    • Women are responsible for much heavy work - hauling water for the household and, in the absence of rice mills, pounding the rice in big mortars of hollowed out logs to husk it.
    • I have never husked corn, ground wheat, or turned butter.
    • Those without jobs husked coconuts and sold them like soda.
    • One day while I was husking maize, after my daily devotion, my father's mother came and sat by me.
    • Much of the work of the household is gender-specific, with women working longer hours than men and responsible for the hard work of hauling water and firewood and husking the rice.