Translation of hybrid in Spanish:


híbrido, n.

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪˌbrɪd//ˈhʌɪbrɪd/


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    híbrido masculine


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    (car/system/species) híbrido
    hybrid circuit circuito híbrido / mixto masculine
    • Other hybrid composites have a combination of colloidal and fine particles, and have better compressive and tensile strength properties than the microfine variety.
    • There are well over 300 species of Dianthus, including hundreds of hybrid varieties.
    • In my garden both the wildling and its hybrid offspring, in shades of pink and red, seed around on my heavy, acid soil.
    • With the many new hybrid varieties that have been developed, your choices are myriad.
    • This has resulted in the development of a variety of hybrid forms that have had marginal impact upon product-based development, whose needs they have been configured to meet.
    • For many the gaming elements of a hybrid device could be a turn-off.
    • Seed markets are generally built around hybrid varieties, which do not reproduce and so force farmers to purchase new seeds every season.
    • It is distinctively hybrid in character: the EU's largest central administration and main policy manager, but also a source of political and policy direction.
    • In Scotland, the Anglo-Normans were one more element in an already hybrid kingdom.
    • That hybrid culture is unspoken, yet it is still pretty vibrant - even if few educated people will be immediately willing to admit it.
    • It takes place in great modern cities, in regions, the Mediterranean region or California, of deeply hybrid cultures and economies.
    • This apart, even garden implements, organic manure and hybrid flower varieties were also on display.
    • But at the same time, he teases out of the monitor a hybrid video stream composed of diverse elements, synthesized and reordered.
    • New adapted material systems like natural fiber composites, hybrid structures of metals, polymers and ceramics increasingly gain meaning in future.
    • The debate over whether or not to use hybrid varieties becomes very different when you switch from big-time agriculture to home gardening.
    • I'm a product of a hybrid culture, so my aesthetic could never be solely based on the canon of English culture.
    • For farmers the focus was on some of the latest developments in producing hybrid varieties of vegetables and fruits.
    • In general hybrid varieties provide the best production of central heads and better performance in hot weather.
    • In addition, the genetic composition of the hybrid populations, the mating pattern, and population genetic structure also require quantification.
    • Some comments really do conjure hybrid cities and mixed realities.
    • One advantage of male-sterile plants is in the production of hybrid varieties of some species that currently are difficult and expensive to produce in quantity.
    • Yet many open-pollinated and hybrid varieties that have no listed disease resistances do have good resistance to certain pathogens.
    • Most of the popular hybrid corn varieties grown in the area also have high yields of the fermentable starch desired for dry-mill ethanol plants.
    • The 1970s brought the introduction and rapid spread of hybrid cotton varieties.
    • It's something else - a hybrid text - combining elements of fiction, autobiography, philosophy, poetry and prose.
    • One can use a structure that promotes a combination of research elements to form a hybrid research method.
    • Usually, the hybrid variety is sold only between August and March and the regular yellow cocoon is sold in the summer months.
    • She creates wildly beautiful hybrid work that blends dance, music, story telling and theatre.
    • Advanced technology buses are now available that do not idle and that have even lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency than the current hybrid buses, which idle.
    • Its hybrid character was unrecognized for many years, but it in fact showed the way in which vine-growing in the eastern United States would be developed.
    • The hybrid buses have small diesel turbines which re-charge the batteries as the bus runs a long.
    • The species marketed are new hybrid varieties.
    • Because of the hybrid nature of the elements, the imagery on these pieces has often been characterized as decorative and dismissed as lacking substantive meaning.
    • They also produce yields as much as 10 per cent higher than the best local hybrid maize varieties and are more tolerant of biotic and abiotic stresses.
    • And it has also come at a time when the country is fighting to develop hybrid varieties that are tolerant to drought and other stressful weather conditions.
    • Claiming fusion as the essence of Nigerian modernism, the curators selected works of visual art that exhibited a hybrid character.
    • These firms provide hybrid varieties of rabbits, whose meat and processed skin are exported.
    • But the city's polyglot hybrid culture also made it a gateway for young Indians from the hinterland to urban India in general.
    • You should at least be able to count on your seeds to be consistent, and so seed-saving should not be applied to hybrid varieties.
    • What strikes me about the passage is its hybrid character.