Translation of hydraulic in Spanish:


hidráulico, adj.

Pronunciation /haɪˈdrɔlɪk//hʌɪˈdrɒlɪk//hʌɪˈdrɔːlɪk/



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    (press/brake/suspension) hidráulico
    hydraulic engineer ingeniera hidráulica feminine
    • That includes using non-toxic hydraulic oils for his machinery, and synthetic engine oils all around in the hopes of reducing maintenance downtime.
    • This pump uses rotating gear assemblies within a pump housing to produce the hydraulic oil flow.
    • A clean machine is a healthy machine, and a variety of items can contaminate hydraulic oil.
    • Never leave the machine parked with booms or arches suspended off the ground, as they will inject hydraulic oil into the fire if a supporting hose burns through.
    • Earth movers, excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers rely on hydraulic fluids to lift, move, scrape, and dig.
    • After we shot down the catapult, we saw a sheen of hydraulic fluid covering the pressure bulkhead in the back of the aircraft.
    • The best time to change hydraulic oil is at the end of the season when contaminants, such as water and dust, are in suspension.
    • Checking my hydraulic and brake pressure gauges, I saw the systems were operating normally.
    • Remote drains for engine oil, hydraulic oil, and engine coolant are grouped in one location for convenience.
    • Possible sheet metal damage was also noticed on the left side of the retardant tank and hydraulic oil was seeping from this point.
    • To raise the capsule through the water, pumps shift about a cup of hydraulic oil from a reservoir in the cylinder to a small external bladder.
    • Also helpful for operators in hot climates is the substitution of hydraulic oil for normal formula.
    • When putting away tractors and combines for the winter, take engine and hydraulic oil samples and submit for oil analysis.
    • The bypass control cylinders automatically bypassed the hydraulic fluid through the actuating cylinder when hydraulic pressure was lost.
    • Nor did they first pump out all the hydraulic oils and hazardous chemicals, nor cut away potentially dangerous protuberances.
    • Adequate hydraulic oil flow to the grapple saw has been another problem with a retrofitted attachment.
    • Until now, conventional hydraulic oil would break down sooner, leaving your machine's metal abrasively scraping against metal.
    • They were looking for rust, metal shavings, hydraulic oil, etc. that might get on the chickens, thus contaminating them.
    • This pressurised hydraulic fluid is under the control of an electric solenoid or motor operated valve to achieve the force and position required each time a clutch and/or gear change is needed.
    • In the first response stage, the brake pads are placed on the brake disc and the hydraulic pressure increased without initiating braking.