Translation of hydrochloric acid in Spanish:

hydrochloric acid

ácido clorhídrico, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhaɪdrəˌklɔrɪk ˈæsəd//ˌhʌɪdrəˈklɔːrɪk ˈasɪd//ˌhʌɪdrəˈklɒrɪk ˈasɪd/


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    ácido clorhídrico masculine
    • His other discoveries included nitrogen, hydrochloric acid, ammonia and carbon monoxide, and he was the father of the soda-water industry.
    • The plant makes chlorine gas from sea salt and then converts it into things like pool chlorine, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid for industry.
    • Common household cleaners can contain simple inorganic chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrochloric acid.
    • To determine the exact concentration, titrating the hydrochloric acid against a solution of base, for example sodium hydroxide, would be appropriate.
    • The complementary acid is typically either phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid.