Translation of hyperbaton in Spanish:


hipérbaton, n.

Pronunciation /hʌɪˈpəːbətɒn//haɪˈpərbəˌtɑn/


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    hipérbaton masculine
    • The use of the poetic device hyperbaton, or inverted word order, is a form of repetition that sets the mood for the rest of the section.
    • A couple of hyperbatons here and there can help create more suspense.
    • That's an original idea, toss out SVO syntax and let the hyperbatons roll!
    • The prose of Marías wraps long sentences and hyperbatons in a more torrid embrace than ever in his reiterations.
    • Likewise, Lucan uses hyperbaton to suggest Erictho's agitation, as she threatens to reveal Persephone's darkest secrets.