Translation of hyphenated American in Spanish:

hyphenated American

Pronunciation /ˈhaɪfəˌneɪdɪd əˈmɛrəkən/



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    ciudadano de que se considera mitad norteamericano y mitad de otro origen
    • They envied the strong and color-full cultural identities of hyphenated Americans: African Americans, Asians, and Latinos.
    • Moaveni idealized Tehran as she searched for an answer to her tangled identity as a hyphenated American.
    • And she realizes that she can only find that balance as a hyphenated American.
    • For the better of all hyphenated Americans, starting with the language, it is an English culture.
    • Perhaps, you can become one of those hyphenated Americans and yes, you may become a citizen; yes, you may be able to vote like any other ‘American.’
    • Mere sentiment based on multiple ethnic identities is not dual loyalty, and hyphenated Americans mostly have other countries they wish well.
    • We listened to a speaker talk about what it was like to be a hyphenated American living in the United States.