Translation of hypnosis in Spanish:


hipnosis, n.

Pronunciation /hɪpˈnoʊsəs//hɪpˈnəʊsɪs/


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    hipnosis feminine
    under hypnosis hipnotizado
    • Reincarnation does seem to offer an explanation for some strange phenomena such as the ability of some people to regress to a past life under hypnosis.
    • The following day, in her rapidly diminishing window of hypnosis, she still hears water but also hears wolves and cattle.
    • Bernstein claimed to have uncovered this information in Pueblo, Colorado, when he ‘regressed’ Tighe backward in time under hypnosis.
    • Her approach avoided any direct suggestions under hypnosis that the patient stop the hair pulling.
    • Thus, visualization may be a facet of the cognitive alterations hypnosis may elicit.
    • It seems likely that most so-called past life regressions induced through hypnosis are confabulations fed by cryptomnesia.
    • Under hypnosis, I was regressed to a time I felt this feeling.
    • Has anyone experienced past-life regression via hypnosis or other means?
    • Under hypnosis, you lose consciousness and have amnesia.
    • Under hypnosis, under regression, people can remember significant events from former lifetimes.
    • Many people have experimented with past life regression under hypnosis and claim to recall experiences from previous existences.