Translation of hypochondriac in Spanish:


hipocondríaco, n.

Pronunciation /hʌɪpə(ʊ)ˈkɒndrɪak//ˌhaɪpəˈkɑndriˌæk/


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    hipocondríaco masculine
    hipocondríaca feminine
    • For hypochondriacs reading this, tell the cool heart attack story.
    • We true hypochondriacs resent people like you.
    • And like hypochondriacs, their diagnoses always are grim.
    • I'm not a hypochondriac: other than this, my health is great.
    • Considering the number of hypochondriacs out there, that's probably just as well.
    • Some participants were instructed to show up at hospitals later, playing the role of hypochondriacs with mysterious symptoms.
    • Even hypochondriacs get sick, and the anti-discrimination lobby exists in part because real discrimination exists.
    • Is this an illness or is it an acceptable label for hypochondriacs?
    • So there are a few hypochondriacs around then?
    • And, finally, there could be cemeteries for hypochondriacs which are, and will remain, eerily empty.
    • It's nearly impossible to ignore such complaints, because now and then, even hypochondriacs get sick.
    • Her patients range from the terminally ill to manipulative hypochondriacs, from veiled Bangladeshi women to convicted felons.
    • This is a valuable tool for individuals with compromised immune systems - and a virtual encyclopedia for hypochondriacs.
    • Psychosocial problems may be, or become, predominant, especially if patients are treated as malingerers or hypochondriacs.
    • It has been the hot tech topic for hypochondriacs and health buffs for years.
    • But I think that if people check themselves regularly, they will not become hypochondriacs, it will reassure them.
    • And don't you dare think that migraines are just bad headaches for hypochondriacs.
    • Jack wrote back explaining it's the sort of thing he's always wanted, not old hypochondriacs like myself in the city.
    • It is no surprise, then, if hypochondriacs like her are the biggest culprits at wasting water.
    • Finally, on to a book that will delight social historians and hypochondriacs alike.


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