Translation of hysterectomy in Spanish:


histerectomía, n.

Pronunciation /ˌhɪstəˈrɛktəmi//ˌhɪstəˈrɛktəmi/

nounPlural hysterectomies

  • 1

    histerectomía feminine
    she had a hysterectomy le hicieron una histerectomía
    • She also indicated that she had undergone a hysterectomy many years ago.
    • I was given surprisingly little information, considering a hysterectomy is major surgery.
    • Gynaecologists were free to choose a surgical hysterectomy technique.
    • The mean number of laparoscopic hysterectomies per gynaecologist was therefore 13 over four years.
    • A hospital consultant carried out a scan which revealed a large growth which Dorcas needs a hysterectomy to remove.
    • One of the fears of women considering a hysterectomy is whether their sexual function will be affected.
    • The decision to perform a hysterectomy should be based on measurable values.
    • The alternative is a hysterectomy, removal of the womb, after which pregnancy is impossible.
    • All six of the damaged ureters occurred in the laparoscopic hysterectomy arms.
    • This could have a major affect on the overall health status of women undergoing hysterectomies.
    • Laparoscopic hysterectomy may help to avoid a laparotomy, but urinary tract injury is a genuine concern.
    • And this was being used for other types of surgery including hysterectomies, laparoscopies and prolapse repairs.
    • Women who want to have a baby can still do so after a cone biopsy, but not following a hysterectomy.
    • She had a remote hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy for benign disease.
    • What are the ethical considerations around obtaining Miss Webb's consent for a hysterectomy and what would be best practice here?
    • A hysterectomy is a commonly performed operation to remove the uterus (womb).
    • In May the surgeons will know whether they have to perform a full hysterectomy and try to remove the bowel.
    • Cervical cancer screening should be continued in women who have had a subtotal hysterectomy.
    • Since then, she has had a hysterectomy and is no longer iron deficient.
    • He got the eggs from bits of ovary that had been removed from women undergoing hysterectomies.