Translation of hysterical in Spanish:


histérico, adj.

Pronunciation /həˈstɛrək(ə)l//hɪˈstɛrɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    • My soft chuckles soon turned into uncontrollable and hysterical laughing.
    • And as he watched her in confusion, Shelley's chuckle turned into an uncontrollable, hysterical fit of laughter.
    • ‘Hi everyone, this is Budi,’ she announced, making a real effort not to trip and break out into hysterical laughter.
    • For others, the word joy did just what was it was told, making the victim hysterical and pretty much uncontrollably giddy.
    • She wasn't emotionally disabled or hysterical but in these day she used to cry almost all the time.
    • Both are seen as nervous, emotional, almost hysterical men.
    • Such a figure is literally and etymologically hysterical, as it is excessively feminized; it is also psychoanalytically hysterical.
    • The young woman had crying fits, which were interspersed with screams and bursts of hysterical laughter.
    • Then the corners of her mouth began to curl upward, and a moment later, hysterical laughter was bubbling from her chest.
    • Furthermore, Freud placed the emphasis on the psychological mechanism of hysterical symptom formation.
    • The last thing you want is a hysterical claustrophobe, suffering from a panic attack!
    • Karon and Widener then described what they identified as a typical combat hysterical neurosis.
    • Although Halle is not around to encounter Beloved, he too suffers trauma and exhibits hysterical symptoms.
    • Recently, hysterical fans of the Taiwanese boys' band, F4, caused a great sensation in Shanghai.
    • Su-mi's mental state might be described as hysterical.
    • Approach this end room and the first thing noticed will be the hysterical, uncontrollable laughter.
    • He thought I was in the midst of an hysterical fit, or that I had perhaps gone insane.
    • But no sooner had the match gone into the second period than the moans were replaced by smiles and later by hysterical laughter.
    • Others took the view that Plath was a hysterical self-dramatist, possibly psychopathic, and vastly overrated as a poet.
    • Jiang doesn't soften his depiction of the chaotic, hysterical wartime mentality, when anything can happen, and the worst thing probably will.
    • Convinced that Clay was suffering hysterical panic, the New York boxing writers urged the local commissioners to call off the fight.
    • Then a wild, almost hysterical gale of laughter burst from her.
    • Wyman concedes it's rare, nowadays, for new bands to be greeted by hysterical fans at the airport, the way the Stones were in the '60s.
    • My sobs were uncontrollable, hysterical almost.
    • This is the language of hysterical, demented brainwashing.
    • But the mirth is fleeting and the hysterical laughter, I suspect, is triggered more by nervous tension than by a wicked sense of humour.
    • He became emotional and hysterical, as he sometimes does.
    • So I may be a cynical, hysterical, psychotic, twisted masochist.
    • There was no need to act like some hysterical, emotional nutcase.
    • But then I read the whole thing through and I just sat there for ten minutes in hysterical laughter - he had pulled it off!
    • In the back of her mind, a bubble of hysterical laughter began to grow.
    • Touched by his affection and feeling overly emotional, I become hysterical.
    • It was as if he was trying to pacify a hysterical mental patient.
  • 2

    (fans/crowd) histérico
    he had a hysterical outburst le dio un ataque de histeria
    • she broke into a fit of hysterical laughter empezó a reírse histéricamente
  • 3informal

    (very funny)
    para morirse de (la) risa
    para desternillarse de (la) risa
    tronchante Spain informal
    • As a hysterical parody, my bears comically evoke the carnivalesque.
    • I knew this shouldn't have been funny, but right then I found it hysterical.
    • For the show, a group of puppeteers steps in and performs these calls with some very funny looking puppets on hysterical sets.
    • How did this role come to you, this very funny, hysterical gun moll role?
    • Some people find it side-splittingly hysterical; I didn't, but I did find it to be entertainingly funny.
    • She was extremely ticklish and it was absolutely hysterical watching her freak out.
    • More of their side-splitting, hysterical brand of humour which at times threatened to bring the house down.
    • Extreme gore and hysterical pratfalls all combine in a truly memorable mix.
    • Filled with his patented dry wit and funny observations, this track often borders on hysterical.
    • Start off with a funny thing that happened to you that day or something hysterical you just saw on TV.