Translation of hysterics in Spanish:


histeria, n.

Pronunciation /hɪˈstɛrɪks//hɪˈstɛrɪks/

plural noun

  • 1

    (nervous agitation)
    histeria feminine
    histerismo masculine
    a fit of hysterics un ataque de histeria
    • to go into hysterics ponerse histérico
    • he nearly had hysterics por poco le da un ataque / se pone histérico
    • she was almost in hysterics estaba como loca
    • And the young actress doesn't rely on hysterics and overacting (as others might) to convey Maria's desperation.
    • She played a sullen nutcase prone to hysterics and evil giggles.
    • Sadly for Burnside, such hysterics are less impressive when introduced by a diarist who lacks the wit to spell check her ‘murmour’ ed offerings.
    • I admit unashamedly I'd like for this statement to be met with grand hysterics, someone to shriek out ‘DON'T DO IT!’
    • It would simply be helpful if the neighbours could resign themselves to an approximately similar exercise, with fewer tantrums and hysterics.
    • I'm prone to hysterics and don't think clearly.
    • Through it all, though, Utidjian is superb, capable of generating power not from volume or hysterics, but from the subtlest expression.
    • But his mission is complicated by Louis' quirks and emotional hysterics.
    • Some ragas such as Darbari-kanhara, Khamaj and Pooriya are strongly recommended for defusing tension in mind, particularly in case of hysterics.
    • Lopez is completely inept when it comes to playing out the hysterics that this mellow-dramatic insipid thriller so often demands of her.
    • If I went to a crowded place I would go into hysterics because everyone's voices and emotions were pounding inside my skull.
    • Peter's wink sent Jes right back into convulsions and minor hysterics.
    • She got a second Oscar nod, as Best Supporting Actress, for her wildly funny hysterics in Allen's Husbands and Wives.
    • Heck, we even had a great time at my brother's wedding - no hysterics or drama (well, there was behind the scenes, but more on that later).
    • But then I recalled our parking lot hysterics of this weekend and my angry words to him about how he can't be bothered to read my writing.
    • And you know intellects are most prone to emotional distress, as proven by your own hysterics.
    • When frenzy and hysterics threaten, just keep telling yourself that smiling's a better facial aerobic than frowning.
    • Again: why should I take these hysterics seriously?
    • Then, with the camera still rolling, there was general hysterics and the question ‘Does Derek win the twenty pounds?’
  • 2informal

    ataque de risa masculine
    just looking at him sent us into hysterics solo con verlo, nos dio un ataque de risa
    • Jim had us in hysterics Jim nos hizo morir / desternillar de (la) risa
    • Ollie falls backwards in hysterics onto the bed and promptly falls off, stepping right onto his laptop which had been left open on the floor.
    • The audience was in hysterics and applauding their heads off and I think they were on their feet, which was rare back then.
    • For some reason, that put me and my friends Dan and Ali in hysterics.
    • I was laughing in hysterics, yet utterly disgusted!
    • I'm in hysterics right now over the useful British phrases.
    • I was in hysterics of course, and as a joke I said the temperature the next day would probably be six degrees across the nation.
    • As we passed it around, reading aloud, we were in hysterics.
    • GW's facial expressions had us in constant hysterics and the quote of the night had to have been calling the terrorists ‘haters’.
    • DJ and Michael go into fits of hysterics, rolling around on the floor.
    • Like a woman loosing all sanity, I began to laugh in hysterics.
    • Perhaps the worst thing about this show was not the acts themselves, but the fact that the audience was in hysterics.
    • Kayla laughed in hysterics as her skates slid up under her and she landed on her bottom.
    • I was literally rolling on the floor in hysterics.
    • His emotions took hold and he burst into hysterics, warranting a quick response from the Takavaran commander.
    • He was a real wind up merchant with a wicked sense of humour - he had everyone in hysterics and he will be very sadly missed.
    • And then all the male guests returned to the stage, each of them bare-chested too, as the audience went into hysterics.
    • Or maybe they're all quietly doubled up in hysterics behind me.
    • But eventually it made it to Canada, where my teenaged friends and I would watch it in total hysterics after school.
    • Candace doubled up with laughter and lay on the floor in hysterics, still in control of the beam.
    • Marty and his gang had gone into hysterics at her slight tantrum.