Translation of ice cap in Spanish:

ice cap

casquete glaciar, n.


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    casquete glaciar masculine
    casquete de hielo masculine
    the polar ice cap el casquete polar
    • Dominated by low-growing vegetation, tundra is a habitat that extends from the polar ice cap south to the boreal forest.
    • The international team set out from Hercules inlet on the edge of the Antarctic ice cap at the beginning of December.
    • The dislodging of a large portion of the ice cap could raise the sea level by meters to tens of meters over the following several years.
    • Mawson looked spectacular with the mountain ranges popping out of the ice cap behind the station.
    • The volume of the ice cap covering the Arctic Ocean has shrunk by more than 40 per cent over the last 35 years.
    • Another piece of contrary evidence was the timing of the Antarctic ice cap's formation.
    • Other images in the new series show planetwide dust storms and the springtime retreat of the south polar ice cap.
    • The Antarctic ice cap began to form much later than the valleys did, about 34 million years ago.
    • Hey, this guy was cold for about a week at the beginning of the season, and now the polar ice cap is receding because of him.
    • They have a few minutes to decide whether to continue to the ice cap or turn around and fly back to New Zealand.
    • Much of the island's interior lies beneath a vast ice cap that in some places is up to 9,800 feet thick.
    • Nearly 77% of the freshwater on earth is frozen in the Antarctic ice cap and Greenland.
    • This reduced the mixing of warm, tropical ocean water and cold, polar water causing the buildup of the Antarctic polar ice cap.
    • The southern hemisphere is dominated by a polar ice cap, probably composed of nitrogen.
    • Similarly, polar ice cap melting will raise ocean levels, alter weather patterns and small island nations will vanish under the sea.
    • The low-pressure system results in white fluffy snow, which appears as a very bright region over the ice cap.
    • It came from the Taylor Glacier, an enormous river of ice flowing off the polar ice cap into Antarctica's Taylor Valley.
    • She was able to tell us that we found a strange creature, aged millions of years, in the Polar ice cap.
    • It turned out, however, that the ocean bottom was not so much the lost world that they sought, but rather a lake under an ice cap.
    • The ice cap is melting, the polar bears are doomed, Australia is looking at a year-round bushfire season, and still they drive on.