Translation of iconoclasm in Spanish:


iconoclastia, n.

Pronunciation /ʌɪˈkɒnəklaz(ə)m//aɪˈkɑnəˌklæzəm/


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    iconoclastia feminine
    iconoclasia feminine
    • On iconoclasm there's the Catholic view here, the Orthodox, and a shorter but more balanced outline here.
    • The staff stands for Aaron and his power without mimetically representing him, as the painting seems paradoxically to observe the Hebraic ethos of iconoclasm that the Jewish leader first violated.
    • Though there was iconoclasm at the beginning, as zealots decapitated statues and the like in temples and shrines, this soon passed as sultans cracked down on it.
    • Islamic iconoclasm is rooted in Jewish iconoclasm, historically.
    • For all its fascination, Jacoby's discussion of Jewish iconoclasm could do with a touch more theology.