Translation of idealist in Spanish:


idealista, n.

Pronunciation /aɪˈdi(ə)ləst//ʌɪˈdɪəlɪst/


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    idealista feminine
    • Without pragmatists, idealists have no idea how to get there.
    • An idealist tempered by realism, Holland was a doer, not a doubter.
    • A Wilsonian idealist sees democracy promotion as the foundation of national security.
    • Idealists around the world refuse to fight for their ideals.
    • Affected by delusions, he had undertaken the action of an idealist without any notion of the consequences.
    • Both were idealists who were born out of the failure of the liberal dream to build a better world.
    • I guess being an idealist, I often think that things are often not the way they should be.
    • Frank, always the idealist, had no problem in deciding where he stood in all this.
    • The youthful idealists were developing a cold cruelty.
    • Realists and idealists can both be effective leaders.
    • The ordinary man - the idealist - subordinates his interests to the interests of his ideals, and usually suffers for it.
    • A materialist may have no more difficulty with idea or pattern than an idealist has with hardware.
    • A corner of government opened itself to young idealists.
    • Now I have seen several generations of young idealists come and go and the problems have worsened dramatically.
    • What the program did do was make me wonder about the hazards of being an idealist.
    • The real idealist is a pragmatist and an economist.
    • As students, we have the luxury of being political idealists, and it is time to put our ideas to work.
    • Idealists treat the sovereign independence of states as a basic cause of war and its attendant misery.
    • Whether religious or not, these bright young things are idealists fighting the good fight.
    • I am an idealist, and I believe that we can and will fundamentally change our broken political system.